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Trump Raid Brings Us One Step Closer To Civil War

There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one. There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeeds, will be merciful. It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice... Thomas Paine, The Crisis, December 23, 1776

The shocking FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Palm Beach, Florida has escalated America’s 21st century crisis and, as we predicted in our four-part series “The Coming Civil War” made a civil war all the more likely.

Right now, one thing, perhaps the only thing, keeping America from devolving into civil war is the refusal of conservatives to emulate the city-burning violence of the ANTIFA cells in Washington, DC, Portland, Oregon and Seattle and the BLM organizers across the country.

What it will take to release that cork from the bottled-up rage on the Right is unknown, but we must assume that conservative tolerance for injustice and oppression is not infinite and that the unjust arrest of former President Donald Trump would certainly be an incitement to violence from his supporters.

And maybe that’s what Democrats and their Deep State allies want.

Some wise observers have suggested that Democrats and their allies on the Left would like nothing better than an excuse to follow-up the J6 witch hunt with a more general crackdown on conservatives. There’s a certain logic to that analysis, because the Left has never been stronger than they are now, while at the same time the 2022 midterm election threatens them with losing the power they corruptly seized in the 2020 election.

It would be entirely logical for the Left to provoke the confrontation now when they are in complete control of the government and all the levers of power and means of state violence.

What’s more, having seized all the levers of power and means of state violence they have completely corrupted the law enforcement and judicial institutions that might have restrained them just a few years ago.

If reports are to be believed, the raid was prompted by complaints from the head librarian of the National Archives that the former President had taken classified materials from his office in the White House to his home in Florida.

This is a completely specious justification said Kash Patel, a former top Trump administration official, who told Breitbart News back in May that a report claiming classified materials were found at Mar-a-Lago is misleading and that the documents were actually already declassified by then-President Donald Trump, but the classification markings had not been updated.

“Trump declassified whole sets of materials in anticipation of leaving government that he thought the American public should have the right to read themselves,” Patel told Breitbart News.

However, as our friend Ben Weingarten wrote in his latest column for Newsweek, the specific legal grounds for the raid, like the grounds for the coming indictment, are really beside the point.

Trump's crime, wrote Mr. Weingarten, was and always has been, that he threatened The Regime's power and privilege—in so doing, representing tens of millions of Americans who The Regime considers an impediment to its total control, and who it holds in utter contempt.

That's all the "predication" The Regime needed to pursue him from the day he emerged in Trump Tower to declare himself an unprecedented political force, and, since, treat all manner of like-minded Wrongthinkers the same.

The pretense of the rule of law is gone, said Weingarten, and to delude oneself into thinking otherwise after the two-tier, Soviet standard of justice we have seen applied again and again over the last six years would be dangerous folly.

Having suffered what it perceived to be a near-death experience in the election of Donald Trump, Ben Weingarten concluded The Regime must now show that anyone and everyone from the lowliest of non-violent January 6-ers held in pretrial detention to Trump himself can, and will, be crushed if they dare to not submit.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the raid of Trump’s home represents “another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents,” while noting that people like President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden “get treated with kid gloves.”

“Now the Regime is getting another 87k IRS agents to wield against its adversaries? Banana Republic,” DeSantis said.

Banana Republic it is, and if we don’t repel it now, a Banana Republic is what we will become.

PS - Our friends at Americans for Limited Government, in coordination with a broad coalition of conservative organizations, have drafted a letter to Congress demanding Republicans bring an end to this Un-American political witch hunt. We urge you to click the link and sign it NOW!

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A civil war? This is nothing compared to the upheaval and turbulence of the 1960's. The assassinations of JFK, RFK, and MLK coupled with the futility of the Viet Nam War--that was a time when a second civil war seemed a real possibility . . .


James Bryson
James Bryson
Aug 12, 2022

I'll accept a full confession, and belly crawl, while begging for mercy...otherwise...


Dear God, if you actually exist and are not a Demonrat lie, I call upon you to strike down all of Trump's enemies and make blood pour forth from their communistic eyes and mouths.

Replying to

Nice try Liberal troll but conservatives know God exists. I smell Gregery Lane all over this post he’s been banned from our site but keeps coming back with new user names here’s the letter our attorney sent him


I am starting to wonder if both sides are itching for this "civil war."


Aug 10, 2022

Little Joe Biden ought to go down in history as one of the worst Presidents in the history of our country...along with the asterisk he should have. This attack on the Winter White House is a huge deviation from decorum. I thought we don't go after after political opponents, using the levers of gov't...not to mention former Presidents of this country, who are eligible for another term in office (if he wants). This is an impeachable offense. Little Joe Biden thinks himself a better man than Donald Trump. However, Trump did not go after his political opponents. This disappointed some in the MAGA crowd, who wanted something to happen to Hillary. He didn't go after Obama, who spied on his…

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