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Trump's CPAC Speech: Are We All Controlled Opposition Now?

On the matter of whether President Trump's speech at CPAC uplifted or depressed:

I could not have been more depressed while listening to Part 1. It was a stump speech without a stump. Every reference to the terrible things "the Biden administration" is doing to our country without first and foremost establishing the regime's illegitimacy has the effect of normalizing that regime. It wasn't enough for Trump to flick at maybe having to win the presidency for a "third" time, either. I felt as though we were watching the debut of Trump's capitulation to the Narrative. C-PAC, after all, has a long tradition of enforcing capitulations when it comes to the existential threats of the moment, including immigration, Islam, subversion. I had to turn off the President altogether during what turned out to be his lengthy paeon to "the vaccine." Is it possible he is unaware of the peril involved in injecting untested and unnecessary gene therapies into human beings? The role the vaccine(s) plays in the Great Reset agenda to turn humanity into digital slaves? These remain open questions.

When I dared to turn the sound back on, Trump was into Part 2: the stolen election. No longer was he blinding us to the nightmare that paralyzes the nation by pretending Biden won office freely and fairly. This I found uplifting the way truth is uplifting. Trump ran through some of the stunning election anomalies and fraud events, he excoriated SCOTUS and the courts for their cowardice (I prefer "treachery") in refusing to hear the cases presenting evidence of same, and tossed out other choice items in the red meat category, including shout-outs to warmonger Liz Cheney and other GOP monsters. I, for one, gobbled it all up hungrily, and listened as he laid out a series of essential steps Republicans "must" take to restore free and fair elections in the USA, and "Save America," his new mission. He looked tanned, rested and ready, and that was uplifting, too.

But ready for what? Was it really red meat or junk food? That is, came the dawn, no bounce. Without having Trump before me, without seeing him under the lights, on stage, where I could marvel at his undimmed confidence and charisma, the glow was gone and the message was cold. He went back to being President-in-exile and we were still captives of the circus ring that American political arena has become.

Why do I say "circus ring"? The responsible government authorities failed to acknowledge and rectify the election fraud of November 3; worse, they perpetrated and/or enabled it. That means that campaigning in the future will be no more than jumping through hoops; voting will be no more than entering data for an algorithm to apportion to the Swamp candidate of choice. From here on out, politics in America becomes a pre-scripted affair with all the twists and turns of a debate in the Supreme Soviet. How do we Save America from that?

I don't know the answer, or even whether saving America is possible. Again, it is the government itself -- all three public branches and the intelligence Deep State that runs them -- that has seized power from The People. But I think I have figured out something more about what it is that let me down after the President spoke. The presidential election was rigged and stolen on November 2020, just as President knows and says it was. Without bracing against agit-prop-accusations of "debunked claims" and "conspiracy theories" for a moment, think about the implications. This is an epic crime against the nation. It has knocked us off of the course we set for ourselves, and imperils our survival and that of our children. "The big steal," after all, is our own birthright of self-determination. It is our own identity as a free people. Such a monstrous crime, which remains very much in progress, cannot simply become the impetus for "reform," or an argument against RINOs. It's much bigger than any of that. But that is what seems to be happening, Trump notwithstanding, which means we are inevitably on a circular track leading straight back into the depths of the Swamp.

I don't mean to overtax a single speech even by this most singular man. MAGA was already a distant dream before President Trump went to CPAC. Further, the responsibility for the future is not and cannot be his alone. I think the problem is that We, the People, don't know how to function as a People without power. There is a numbness that comes along with the realization of this strange, new plight. Nothing is real, nothing is normal. Nothing is the way it is supposed to be. It is time of dislocation. and not easy, to say the least, to think through next steps. Still, there one thing I am certain of. We cannot get to a better place by "moving on."

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Controlled opposition. There is no real maga. Just a means of sifting the lambs from the goats for future herding to slaughter.


Donald Titus
Donald Titus
Mar 05, 2021

Somewhat of a negative outlook!


James Bryson
James Bryson
Mar 03, 2021

Excellent, painful insights.

This stolen election has stripped We the People bare, and humiliated American self-governance on the world stage.

Everyday a fraudulent-puppet remains in the White House deflates the grandeur of the American Experiment.

Without justice...revolution is inevitable.

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