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Twitter Lumps ‘Vote Trump’ GIF with Offensive Content

Tuesday I had a meeting with my company’s social media team about making preparation for

the unprecedented censorship we should be expecting between now and the election.

Tuesday night I went to retweet something without making an additional comment. Just a straight retweet.

Twitter, however, would allow me to retweet only if I posted a comment.

I thought this could be isolated to my account, or just a glitch.

Shortly after that, I saw something that shocked even me. One of conservative movement leaders, @RichardViguerie, had tweeted responding to others such as @SohrabAhmari and @LisaMarieBoothe, who were experiencing the same problem I was having about not being able to retweet without adding a comment.

Richard tweeted a clever solution to this sudden choice by Twitter to prohibit plain retweets.

“Just comment -- Vote Trump,” he suggested.

Clever people develop ways to turn obstacles to advantage.

I went back to his tweet a short while later, and noticed he had one reply tweet.

That sole reply, though, was blocked by a warning, “Show additional replies, including those that may contain offensive content.”

I assumed the left was trolling him with offensive content. But no.

When I clicked past the Twitter warning, the reply tweet to Richard was simply a GIF saying “Vote Trump 2020” over an image of an American flag blowing in the breeze.

The social media rules in play that morning already didn’t apply that evening. This is how swiftly the leftwing tech overlords will move between now and the election to influence the vote by suppressing speech.

As I said to my team, be wise. Prepare now.

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