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Upton Retires: 4 Down, 6 To Go

Shortly after former President Donald Trump’s massive rally in Michigan, RINO Rep. Fred

Upton (MI-6), one of ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump, announced his retirement.

Trump was quick to issue a statement through his Save America PAC saying:

UPTON QUITS! 4 down and 6 to go. Others losing badly, who's next?

While the timing came as a surprise, it was widely suspected that Upton might decide not to run for another two-year term, especially after Michigan’s redistricting commission redrew district lines that put both he and U.S. Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Holland Township, in the same district. However, there’s a lot more to the story than what the establishment media would lead you to believe.

The establishment narrative is that up until a few weeks ago, Upton clearly held out the possibility of running for another two-year term, his chances helped greatly by the fact that, until then, Trump had endorsed a little known state legislator, Rep. Steve Carra, R-Three Rivers, to run against him. That meant there was the chance that Huizenga and Carra would split the Republican field and Upton could win.

However, as our Michigan MAGA friend Ron Armstrong, co-founder and board member of Stand Up Michigan, explained, what drove Upton from the race was not redistricting, it was We the People.

In a private analysis of the Fox News coverage of Upton’s retirement announcement shared with CHQ that we were given permission to quote Mr. Armstrong said:

This didn’t just happen. The People made this happen. We made it very clear to Fred that we would not support him and that he needed to retire. We also pushed Congressman Bill Huizenga to the right and in response to his shift in focus, Bill received the Trump endorsement 2 weeks ago. Fred raised Millions for his reelection effort, 90% of it coming from out of district and much from the left and the never Trumpers. We did not waiver and the latest polling showed he would get crushed in the primary. Consider that the main quote about his loss to Michigan and the Nation comes from the Democrats. This is a good day for Conservatives!

And that, friends, is how to get rid of the rest of the RINOs and #NeverTrump Republicans in the House of Representatives and elsewhere and move the Republican Party back to its conservative principles.

So, let’s translate this win to other races:

Relentlessly brand RINOs and #NeverTrump “Republicans” with the results of their alliances with the Democrats – more spending, more abortion, more illegal aliens across the border, more crime and domestic disorder, weakness on national security and defense.

Don’t let RINOs and #NeverTrump “Republicans” get away with selling themselves as “nice guys.” Nice guys, like Fred Upton, don’t join Democrats in destroying our country and undermining constitutional liberty.

Take the power of We the People and focus it on RINOs and #NeverTrump “Republicans.” Grassroots voters must organize and relentlessly demonstrate that they are willing to do what it takes to overcome the millions in PAC and lobbyist money that RINOs and #NeverTrump “Republicans” will pull in from DC to try to maintain themselves in power. Make their money and where it comes from a liability.

Finally, make the primary election a one-on-one battle between the MAGA movement and RINOs and #NeverTrump “Republicans.” Present voters with a clear, unambiguous contrast between one effective conservative populist candidate and the RINO and #NeverTrump candidate.

It probably pains some of our DC conservative friends who remember Fred Upton from his days at the Reagan White House when we refer to him as a traitor to the conservative cause and the Republican Party. Fred Upton is the kind of Washington, DC “good guy” that you’d love to have as a golf or fishing partner, and you’d happily vote for him to head your church building committee, but it’s time to recognize that the commitment he had to the fundamental precepts of the Republican Party were at best a sham. The fiscal conservatism enshrined in the Republican Party Platform was something that he cynically curtsey to to get elected but never had any intention of adhering to once in office. As Ron Armstrong said, “This is a good day for Conservatives!”

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Mike M
Mike M
06 abr 2022

To use what is admittedly a rather poor military analogy, in peacetime politically correct AKA butt kissing generals and admirals may not be a liability. Although for the most part experience teaches us otherwise. But in a time of war generals like Patton and admirals like Nimitz are needed. To put it politely, Fred Upton was neither a Patton nor a Nimitz. Maintaining the status quo in a time of war is not an option. People like Fred Upton are concerned with maintaining the status quo. They fail to recognize that we are now and have been in a battle for the very soul of this country. And the sooner that everyone recognizes that the better off we'll all be.

Me gusta
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