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Viguerie: 23 Reasons To Send Democrats A Message On Election Day

You can, right from home, right now, be a modern-day Paul Revere and SEND THE DEMOCRATS A MESSAGE by helping to turn-out more votes for Republican Senate candidates on November 8th to assure we take back Congress.

That’s because YOU are one of some 2 million conservatives receiving this urgent e-mail. And, because no one else is doing what we are doing today to activate voters in such a powerful and immediate way, it won’t get done and that “Red Wave” we are hoping for on November 8th may turn out to be a ripple. By forwarding this column to 25 to 100 of your family, friends, neighbors, fellow churchgoers, co-workers, and others today and urging them to forward to folks they know, we can activate and educate some 100 million voters before the polls close on November 8 that . . . a vote for a Democrat is a vote for:

More violent crime in our towns and neighborhoods.

(Since Biden became President, the murder rate rose 28.4% in 2021, carjackings were up 135%, and home invasions up by 7%.)

Higher gas and food prices. (Bacon up 17.7 %, Chicken up 13.8%, Milk up 15.5%, Eggs up

22.6%, and gas up to $3.76 a gallon.)

A continued invasion of illegal aliens. (2.1 million illegal border crossings in 2021.)

Here are 23 things Democrats have done to destroy our country:

1 . . . intentionally caused gas prices to skyrocket. (Democrats’ “Green New Deal” is a war on fossil fuels to eliminate your gas-powered cars.)

2 . . . deliberately caused the worst foreign policy disaster in American history with the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. (Terrorists now have $7 billion in U.S. weapons and have killed many of our Afghan allies.)

3 . . . willfully supported the “Defund-the Police” movement. (Democrats’ soft on crime and dangerous criminals caused skyrocketing crime and shrinking police forces.)

4 . . . voluntarily turned on Israel. (The restart of the Iran Nuclear Deal now threatens Israel’s


5 . . . systematically corrupted our children. (Indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory (CRT) that all white people are inherently “racists” and “white supremacists.”)

6 . . . deliberately opened our southern border. (Over 5,000,000+ illegals have invaded since Biden took office.)

7 . . . painstakingly eroded traditional family values. (Allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms and showers.)

8 . . . consciously destroyed America’s energy independence. (Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline, reducing the approval of oil and gas leases, stopping drilling, and just yesterday said no more drilling for oil or gas.)

9 . . . plotted to abolish free and fair elections. (Democrats introduced legislation that allows greater ease to cheat with no voter ID, same day voter registration and voting, and federal control over state voting law changes.)

10 . . . sanctioned the firing of unvaccinated working Americans. (Thousands lose their jobs for refusing to get COVID jab. 5,000 people lost their job in California alone in October 2021 for not getting a COVID shot.)

11 . . . endorsed the legalization of marijuana as a scheme to buy more votes in November 2022. (House votes 220-204 for Democrat bill to legalize marijuana.)

12 . . . condoned gender-neutral pronoun use. (Allowing children to choose their own pronouns causes biological sex confusion designed to push radical gender ideology on children.)

13 . . . wantonly weaponized the Department of Justice, IRS, CIA, and the FBI to intimidate, harass, and jail, threats to the Democrat Party. (Democrats are using the DOJ and FBI to arrest parents as “domestic terrorists” who speak up at school board meetings and arrest pro-lifers who protest at abortion clinics.)

14 . . . intentionally weakening our Military. (By seeking out and discharging recruits and long-time service members by spying on their social media to identify those who express conservative values as extremists.)

15 . . . allowed boys and men to compete in girls’ and women’s sports. (Women’s rights are now a form of hatred and will be criminalized if challenged.)

16 . . . deliberately erasing our history to rebuild America into socialist/Marxist country. (By allowing the destruction and removal of historical statues of Americans like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Luther King.)

17 . . . caused the crash of our economy. (Democrat policies have given us the highest inflation in 40 years; resulting in out-of-control gas, food, and housing costs.)

18 . . . knowingly allowed a baby formula shortage. (Baby formula CEO’s warned Biden and the Democrats that the FDA’s shutdown of the largest baby formula-making plant in the country would create a formula shortage and result in the hospitalization of babies.)

19 . . . purposefully refused to defend religious liberty. (By not investigating church and pregnancy center fires and destruction, scores of other churches and centers were attacked.)

20 . . . deliberately expanded their control over Americans. (By forcing COVID shut downs on millions of working Americans, students, and seniors, many were left without a job and forced to receive government assistance.)

21 . . . permitted President Biden to illegally grant student loan forgiveness to help Democrats buy votes. (College educated lawyers, professors, and doctors with high student loans are reliable Democrat voters who stand to benefit the most.)

22 . . . placed America at great risk. (With thousands of first-responders, including nurses and doctors, police officers, and front-line military troops being removed, fired, or discharged because they refused to take COVID-19 shots.)

23 . . . intentionally stepped up their extreme position on abortion. (By their goal of no limits on abortion at any time for any reason, and unlimited taxpayer-funded abortions.)

By forwarding this column via e-mail and posting to your social media accounts today, you can help educate over 100,000,000 voters to throw the anti-God, power-hungry, open borders, mean, evil, anti- police, soft on crime and violent criminals, anti-women, anti-religious freedom, anti-fossil fuels, anti-American Democrats out of office.

Please take 3 to 5 minutes today, as a modern-day Paul Revere, from the comfort of your home and forward this message. You and millions of conservatives can help STOP the decline of America by educating and urging everyone you know to help in the battle to elect conservative and Republican candidates so we can take back Congress on Election Day, November 8th.

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