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What Drives This Obsessive Hate For Donald Trump?

The news that former President Donald Trump is once again the target of a Biden-appointed

Special Counsel grand jury begs the question, “What drives this obsessive hate for Donald Trump?”

What is it about Mr. Trump that caused Democrats to completely dismantle America’s constitutional order and upend the political traditions and laws that have ensured our domestic tranquility ever since the Civil War?

We don’t buy the plain language of the Special Counsel’s allegations against Mr. Trump any more than we buy the notion that it is Trump’s alleged “incivility” or abrasive personality that engenders the hate spewed against him, nor do we buy the idea that it is rooted in policy disagreements over border security or taxes or any of the elements of Trump’s MAGA agenda.

This kind of hate can be generated by only one thing: Fear.

And it is not fear of Donald Trump the man, it is fear of Donald Trump the movement. Which means it is really fear and hatred of us – patriotic Americans who subscribe to traditional Judeo-Christian values and want to be left alone, free from the oppression of the post-constitutional state Stalinist Democrats are hellbent on creating.

President Trump has alluded to this on several occasions, saying, “In the end, they’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you — and I’m just standing in their way.”

The “tells” that Mr. Trump is right about that are all around for those who look – the unprecedented nationwide manhunt for those who participated in the January 6, 2021, Capitol protest and the outrageous sentences imposed on legitimate protestors being only the most obvious.

The unprecedented censorship alliance between the Biden administration and social media companies is another tell. At no time, except in time of war, has the United States government conducted such an extensive campaign to censor the communications of ordinary citizens.

Then again, to Democrats and their Uniparty “Republican” allies this is war – a war to break up and destroy the movement that grew out of Donald Trump’s candidacy.

It is a war to protect their unearned and unmerited privileges, their self-appointed “elite” status in society, and their license to satiate their greed at the public till.

And most of all, it is a war to protect and expand their power to tell you what to do and how to order your life.

The tells on that one by-the-way are the Democrats’ campaign to use government schools to divest parents of their right to raise their children according to their values and the creation of the myth of the “trans child” who needs government to protect them from their parents.

In each of those, and many other matters, Donald Trump became the focus of fear and hate from the Left not so much for his position on the issue, but because he gave the man on the street permission to object.

Not that we really need permission from anyone, but suddenly, because Trump said what he thought, it was OK to transgress the line of political correctness Democrats and their allies in the media were trying to impose upon the rest of us.

Americans who don’t live in compounds protected by private security knew Trump told the truth when he said Mexico and other countries that facilitate illegal aliens to cross our border were sending criminals – drug dealers and rapists – not their best and brightest.

And suddenly it was OK to say so.

Americans knew instinctively that America playing policeman to the world and engaging in half-baked efforts at “nation building” wasn’t working and was beggaring American taxpayers.

And voters knew that our so-called elite were getting rich from exporting American jobs to Red China, and importing cheap foreign labor for Americans to train for the jobs that were left.

And suddenly, not only was it OK to object, but they had a candidate, and then a President who did something about it and promised an America that looked out for American workers.

That was called putting America first, and Democrats feared and hated Trump all the more for it.

So, as this latest indictment of former President Trump plays out, don’t believe for one minute that it is a legitimate prosecution for a recognized crime – it’s not – it’s all political.

What the Trump prosecution is about is Democrats trying to – once and for all – kill the movement Donald Trump created by giving us permission to object to their arrogant pillaging of our country.

We predict not only is it not going to break the MAGA Movement, but that Democrats in their arrogance and ignorance of history will only make a martyr of Donald Trump and radicalize more Americans to believe that the political and legal systems have become so corrupt that only direct action can set them right.

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We the People....the MAGA Movement....need to Pray and ASK GOD our Creator.....for HIS Guidance to have the Electoral College SUPPORT DONALD J TRUMP FOR President in 2024 and bring back Faith. Family and Freedom to the United States of America....God Bless Each of YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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So beautifully stated. God chose President Trump to save this great nation.


The Left know they are defeated if, (and it is a Big If), elected republicans are forced by us to restore Constitutional, limited, (Godly--even!) government. Faith and Family first, then gov't to protect our Life (including Judeo-Christian morals), Liberty and Pursuit (by any means of travel, private and public) of Happiness and Property!


This is a situation comparable to South Africa and their treatment of Nelson Mandela, although somewhat in reverse. We know what eventually happened there. No matter how Democrats endeavor to use the legal system to crush Donald Trump, it won't work in the end. I supported someone else in 2016 until Trump became the nominee. I am more of a Trump supporter today than ever before. A lot of damage has been done to our country since the Woodrow Wilson era and it has reached the breaking point under Obama/Biden. We are going to make a comeback and Donald Trump will be our choice for the first few years.

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Awesome response. Thank you. I have been a huge President Trump fan since he owned a franchise in the old U.S.F.L. He is a good man. I remember the story about when his car broke down years ago. An older couple stopped to help.

Trump later on asked the man what he could do to show his gratitude for their help. He asked Trump if he could send a bouquet of roses to his wife.

President Trump did so--along with a note informing the couple that he had paid off their mortgage in full . . . !


Sorry, but I have to tell you that it sort of irks me these days to see and hear people that I respect, go on, and on about how much the left hates President Donald Trump. I say this because I see it as those people that I respect falling for the lefts’ premises and traps. When you talk about the left hating Trump, the discussion then invariably leads to what Trump might have done that deserves to be hated?

The same goes for when we talk about the left hating the late great Limbaugh, the USA, the Constitution, or any of our honored traditions. The discussion then invariably turns to what those people or institutions have done that deserve…

Replying to

Well, the fact is that most liberals are sub-human, because being human is not a physical trait, having nothing to do with possessing 10 toes, eight fingers, and two opposable thumbs etc.. Being human is a mental threshold requiring a full understanding of reality, and choosing to live within that reality. Liberalism, marxism, socialism, and communism are not only sub-human, but they are also sub homo Sapien, sub primate, sub-mammalian, and sub-vertebrate. They are the insect mentalities of ants living in a colony, or bees living in hives, hoping and praying that if they suckle up to the queen Hillary bee, it will appoint them, or anoint them as government union drones, where they never have to grow up to…

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