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What The January 6 Hysteria Is Really All About

Democrats and the establishment media (but I repeat myself) have decided to make January

6 into a 9/11-type anniversary event. Given that the same media and political players completely ignored the anniversary of the post-George Floyd riots, we have to ask ourselves, “What is the real agenda here?”

Our friend Liz Sheld, one of the key talents at American Greatness, says “The paradigm for the J6 commission is the same paradigm used in the RUSSIA collusion hoax.”

And that:

The anti-Trump movement (notice I’m not saying “the Democrats” here because the anti-Trump movement also includes many Republican elected officials) needed to create a pretense to wield the government’s treasure trove of force, surveillance and compulsion to use against their political enemies to quash Trump’s populist uprising against Hillary Clinton. In the RUSSIA hoax, this was dust bag Robert Mueller’s posse of lefty DoJ activists along with the various Democrat-run congressional committees led by classified information leaker, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) Once that was done, a highfalutin, official investigation was underway. For J6, it’s Pelosi’s witch hunter committee with subpoena power. “The federal government/a congressional committee is investigating…” carries a lot of weight with the crowd that hasn’t figured out the Democrat party and federal government bureaucracy are out-of-control manifestations of the progressive activist movement.

The result is that a thirsty media industry is more than willing to assist in the anti-Trump effort by spreading and showcasing lies about January 6 without any demand for evidence or doing any investigation themselves. We are seeing this now with tech companies turning over communications and phone/text logs to the Committee along with demands for Trump Administration officials to appear for an inquisition, said Ms. Sheld.

Ms. Sheld goes on to say:

My point here is that the RUSSIA collusion hoax is the paradigm used for war against the left’s political enemies and we are watching it play out with J6 so be on alert. The combined spectacles of the DoJ’s prosecution of mostly me-maws and blue hairs taking selfies in the Capitol coupled with the J6 committee members twerking on the media snuff shows and leaking tabloid, cherry-picked details from the fedgov dragnet is designed to detract from the abject failure of the Biden Administration in an election year. How much do likely voters care about Fox News hosts texting that the riot is bad optics for Trump…compared to say, historic inflation levels, empty grocery shelves, exorbitant gas prices, randomized/oppressive Covid restrictions, lack of Covid testing, lack of Covid therapeutics, kids masked up and/or out of school, kids being force fed critical race theory racism and race-hatred and a humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan? I’m betting it doesn’t matter much, but we will soon see.

Our friend Catherine Mortensen, Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government, has a more tactical take, and it is all about the Democrats’ immediate legislative agenda.

As Ms. Mortensen sees it, Democrat leaders in Congress are ginning up hysteria in order to pass a bill that would transform our elections and give Democrats permanent majorities in all three branches of government.

But to pass their election rigging bill, Democrats first need to eliminate the Senate filibuster. That would allow them to pass the bill with only a simple majority of votes and not the 60 votes needed to overcome a presumed Republican filibuster.

To persuade reluctant Democrats, such as West Virginia’s Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, Ms. Mortensen suggests Mr. Schumer wants to instill a sense of panic. “Much like the violent insurrectionists who stormed the US Capitol nearly one year ago” he writes, GOP states have enacted “anti-democratic legislation” that must be overridden by 50 Senate Democrats.

Under the cover of hysteria over the January 6, 2021 riot, Democrats would pass legislation that would invalidate numerous fairly and legally enacted state laws by commandeering the constitutionally prescribed election process and putting it under congressional control. Their aim is more Democrat votes whether authentic or not.

You can read Catherine Mortensen’s article “Democrats Gin Up Jan. 6 Hysteria to Pass Election Rigging Bill” through the link.

To the points made by Ms. Sheld and Ms. Mortensen we add our own take on the whole January 6 insurrection nonsense: If the FBI resources that were put into fomenting and facilitating the January 6 riot had been put into investigating only the irregularities identified and documented in Mollie Hemingway’s book Rigged, there’s a good chance the January 6 riot would never have happened.

Why weren’t they? Because the January 6 riot was, from the beginning, an active measures operation mounted by our own government to remove the 2020 election irregularities from public scrutiny, to make sure the MAGA movement was destroyed once and for all and to make sure that Trump was unable to mount a comeback.

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