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Why Democrats Are Not The Least Bit Worried About The 2024 Election

Every so often the establishment media runs a story to the effect that Democrats are really worried about Biden losing the 2024 election. They will cite swing state polls and the pronouncement of various DC wisemen to the effect that Biden really is in trouble and

needs to this or that to regain the support of one or the other of the Democrats’ favored minorities.

Don’t believe any of it.

It is true that Democratic Party leaders and their top strategists are worried that Joe Biden is going to have a “crash and burn” moment that reveals just how far his dementia has progressed – but absent that they aren’t worried in the least about losing the election.

And the reason why they aren’t worried is on full display in their own California and Illinois primary elections.

California no longer uses “absentee” ballots – the entire election is vote by mail and California mails ballots to all registered voters.

Some 7.7 million ballots were cast, but here’s the kicker: Any ballots postmarked by March 5 and received by March 12 still get counted. As of Friday, only 14 of 58 counties reported completing their tallies.

This year, about 50% of ballots cast were counted on primary night March 5, meaning that the trends in close elections were known before the “book” on votes cast was closed. So, in order to fix an election, there were literally millions of mail-in ballots available to be added to the total to be counted after the election.

Additionally, voters have until two days before the election is certified on April 5 to “cure” or verify signatures that did not match when submitted.

The result is a process that is ripe for fraud, or as Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter said, “rigged” against outsider candidates or Republicans running in swing districts.

Porter pinned the alleged rigging on the wealthy backers of Democratic congressman Adam Schiff, “We had the establishment running scared,” Porter wrote in a post on X, “withstanding 3 to 1 in TV spending and an onslaught of billionaires spending millions to rig this election.” Rather than backpedal, Porter doubled down after receiving a wave of criticism. “‘Rigged’ means manipulated by dishonest means," the Congresswoman said.


But what happened in California is nothing compared to what is going on in Illinois.

In the close Democratic race to replace Cook County’s awful Far Left State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, as Chicago election officials counted a total of 36,310 mail-in ballots under heightened scrutiny.

The lead held by retired judge Eileen O’Neill Burke shrank Friday, Saturday and Sunday as opponent Clayton Harris III closed 80% of the gap that existed on election night, as election officials in Chicago and suburban Cook County counted ballots.

Five days after the March 19 election, the contest remained a long way from being settled, with 54,191 outstanding mail-in ballots from Chicago and an unknown number of suburban Cook County that will be counted as long as they were postmarked or dropped off on Election Day.

The race was jolted late Saturday by the news that there were approximately 9,100 more ballots cast by Chicagoans to count than elected officials had identified in statements to the news media three days after Election Day.

But it got worse: Fox 32 reported Chicago had another surge in the unofficial vote count after over 13,000 votes were “found” and added to the total available to decide the election.


It will surprise no one to learn that the additional ballots are moving the election in favor of Clayton Harris III the candidate favored by the state’s Democratic Party establishment.

Even stranger the “found” vote-by-mail ballots were allegedly delivered on Monday, March 18, and it is “unclear” why they were not included during the original count for Election Day, which was the following day.

When enough votes can be “found” after the election to assure the result desired by the Democratic Party’s establishment it is little wonder Democrats are not really worried about losing the 2024 election, absent a disastrous meltdown by Joe Biden.

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We now have “taxation without ANY representation”. As a matter of fact, we now have a government that hates Christ, Americans, and The Constitution to the core.

Keep your eyes on The Lord, His Word, and make sure you are ready for this battle to come.


We may be looking at a repeat of the 2020 presidential election. It's funny how the Democrats receive just enough votes in the hours after official counting stops to put their candidate over the top by a few thousand. It's also funny how Democrats get more votes than there are eligible voters in many districts. There is no reason for Democrats to waste time worrying about the election outcome in 2024.


The speaker at last week's 140th meeting of the Pasadena Republican Club (the oldest in the country) was Kenneth Burns of the Claremont Institute. He pointed out that both China and North Korea have become expert at counterfeiting the US $100 bill. He asked how difficult it would be for them to print thousands of fake mail-in ballots and then mark them the way they want them marked. Several Republicans have proposed bills in several states to require that ballots include security measures such as watermarks or microscopic printing or security threads, different for every election. Every one of them was defeated -- even in Red states. Why?


Why should they worry after the results of the 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023 elections?


It is absolutely Tragic that elections in some places have been so corrupted and dishonest. The processes in CA and IL are Ridiculous. There can never be another fair and respected election with the "Mail Ballots to every Registered Voter." With the processes to register voters like the Motor-Voter registration, there are millions on the lists of registered voters that are not eligible to vote. Can the Election Processes get any more CORRUPT?

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