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Yes, Vote Fraud Is Real

Our friends at the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) have just released briefs detailing the massive level of vote fraud in the past two elections – especially in Democrat-controlled jurisdictions.

PILF has filed two court briefs documenting that double voting by the thousands happened in 2016-2018 in Georgia and North Carolina.

PILF picked North Carolina and Georgia, where lawsuits are pending, to request a huge amount of voter data and then file two court briefs.

In North Carolina, auditors found nearly 20,000 voters who appeared to have voted twice in the 2016 and 2018 elections.

“This is a widespread concern in North Carolina,” PILF President and General Counsel J. Christian Adams said after filing a court brief in July. “We should be talking about how to strengthen our systems against misdeeds done out of the sight of election officials in 2020 instead of defending an imperfect system from total ruin. The plaintiffs are only raising the threat of worsening the settled fact that voter fraud is most common in the mail.”

In Georgia, PILF not only found more than 4,000 dead people on the rolls but also calculated that about 10,000 registrants voted twice in 2016 and 2018.

“It is paramount that Georgia’s election officials investigate and confirm the registrations PILF flagged and further examine Georgia’s voter rolls for other duplicate entries prior to the entry of any injunctive relief that would exacerbate these defects,” the group’s brief said, welcoming state officials to fact-check its audit.

PILF has been a fearless and effective advocate for cleaning up voter rolls, preventing vote fraud and election integrity.

Back in 2015 the first case in the Public Interest Legal Foundation’s efforts to clean corrupted voter rolls around the nation ahead of the 2016 Presidential election was filed in Mississippi.  The Obama Justice Department had shut down enforcement of Section 8 of the National Voting Rights Act (NVRA) and thus allowed voters rolls around the nation to remain corrupted and filled with ineligible registrations.

PILF filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Clarke County Election Commission in Mississippi because it had more voters on the rolls than living citizens.

The lawsuit alleged a violation of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) in that the Clarke County Election Commission failed to reasonably maintain voter rolls.

The plaintiff in the case is the American Civil Rights Union.  The plaintiff originally sent the defendant a notice letter in June 2014 describing potential violations of federal election law, asking to review election records, and seeking a cure.  The defendant never replied to the letter.

The complaint stated: “Voter rolls maintained by the Defendant for Clarke County contain more voters registered to vote than citizens eligible to vote. In March 2015 . . . Clarke County, Mississippi had 12,646 registered voters, despite having a voting age population of only 12,549 according to the United States Census. More than 100 percent of living citizens old enough to vote were registered to vote in Clarke County in 2015.”

This has been going on for years in Democrat jurisdictions like Clarke County, Mississippi.  According to PILF, “During the 2010 federal general election, over 101 percent of living citizens eligible to vote in Clarke County were registered to vote.”

In Virginia, in a study of just eight counties, PILF found 1,046 alien non-citizens successfully registered to vote. Mind you, these are just the aliens who were accidentally caught because when they renewed their driver’s license, they told the truth they were a non-citizen.

Mind you that’s only eight counties out of Virginia’s 95 counties and 38 independent cities (that are considered county-equivalents for census purposes) because a Soros-trained Democrat state election official directed county election officers not to cooperate with the study.

To read more on the Soros-funded Virginia voter fraud and the cover-up by Virginia election officials see J. Christian Adams “Yes Virginia, Aliens Are Registered or Voting…” for PJ Media.

Lawlessness in elections is a precursor for lawlessness across our government and culture. The response of law enforcement officials to both single instances of voter fraud and the hundreds of examples documented in the PILF reports should be the same: swift, sure and unwavering. No excuses should be made for the lawless who taint the electoral process.

We urge conservatives to support the Public Interest Legal Foundation and to follow their efforts to clean-up voter roles in North Carolina, Georgia and elsewhere.

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