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459 Biden Crimes: The 'Report on the Biden Laptop' Part 2 of 3

The Marco Polo Project - @MarcoPolo501c3 - has released a 630-page Report on the Biden

Laptop that thoroughly documents 459 crimes committed by the Bidens and their associates. These crimes include:

•140 business crimes

•191 sex crimes

•128 drug crimes

In Part 1 we introduced you to the vast trove of evidence of Hunter Biden’s sex crimes found on his abandoned laptop.

While some Biden apologists may try to argue that these were "victimless" crimes, clearly Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress don’t agree because they have allocated billions of dollars to fight exactly the kind of international human trafficking, prostitution, and pornography that Hunter patronized.

And illegal drug use was integral to many of Hunter Biden’s sex crimes.

But it wasn’t just Hunter who used and abused illegal drugs, his sister Ashley and various other members of the Biden family were habitual users of illegal drugs and deeply into a culture centered on using illegal drugs. To access a free copy of the full report, click this link.

Hunter’s laptop reveals Ashley Biden, her husband, Dr. Howard Krein, and Hunter’s former wife, Kathleen Buhle all to be regular users of illegal drugs.

And Joe Biden was well aware of all of it.

Indeed, in the plaintive communication cited above Hunter said to his father:

We clearly have two very different views of loyalty is Dad. You owe none to me if you are told by others w/o any evidence of it that if I'm using/drinking/whatever people say you owe me know (sic) loyalty nor respect at all. You take liberties with my children you would never allow w anyone including your father take with me or beau. You argued it was unfair to keep the kids away from Ashley when she was using. And the rub of it all is that I've never put a child in danger I've never neglected a child or failed to be responsible for a child...

What is meant by the charge, “You take liberties with my children you would never allow w anyone including your father take with me or beau.” Is unclear, but the implication is beyond vile.

Hunter’s use of crack cocaine and doing lines of blow are well documented, both in his own semi-fictional memoire and in photographs and MoneyGram transactions documented through the laptop. To access a free copy of the full report, click this link.

Here’s just one cocaine binge documented through photographs found on the laptop.

But it gets worse, much, much worse, and Joe and Jill Biden were well aware of it.

As has been widely documented in the establishment media Hunter Biden began a relationship with his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Olivere Biden, eventually moving in with her, an arrangement that Joe and Jill Biden blessed, saying they were happy for them.

What’s not so well documented until now is that Hallie Biden was also deeply immersed in Hunter’s drug use. Indeed, she was so far in it prompted Ashley – a drug user herself – to complain to Hallie’s sister, Liz Secundy:

"whomever [sic] is giving them shit is being monitored by law enforcement. Don't think anyone wants that on [the] front page of [the] [Delaware] [N]ews [J]ournal. 'Attorney General[']s widow [Hallie] buying crack and meth... Enough is enough. My brother [Beau] wouldn't stand for this shit... This will [f]uck up [the] kids beyond repair... She [Hallie] is the [A]ttorney [G]eneral['] widow and he [Hunter] is the Vice President[']s son. If you think that people don't already know everywhere that they are addicted to crack etc... you are naive. When you deal with drug dealers [the] likelihood of plates being run is high... dad [Joe] may run for pResident and if you think this shit is going to fly?!?! ...they are beyond messy! They left all their drug paraphernalia for my parents [Joe and Jill Biden] to see.

Joe Biden's son, Hunter's long history of drug abuse began in 1988 with an arrest for drug possession -- at around the same time his father was intensifying his War on Drugs bonafides and pushing for stiffer sentences for drug users. "I was cited for possession of a controlled substance in Stone Harbor, NJ. There was a pre-trial intervention, and the record was expunged," Hunter admitted in a disclosure after being nominated to serve on the Amtrak Reform Board in 2006.

The same year Hunter was arrested, then-Senator Joe Biden voted for the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which specifically targeted the use of crack cocaine, making it the only narcotic with a mandatory penalty for possession. The law Joe Biden voted for has sent thousands of Americans, especially Black Americans, to jail for lengthy prison terms for exactly the behavior Hunter Biden so brazenly documented on his laptop, but Hunter is not known to have ever spent so much as a night in jail.

The following list is just the tip of the iceberg of the alleged and demonstrable drug crimes perpetrated by Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family. Other than Hunter’s slap on the wrist in 1988, none of the Biden family drug abusers, as far as we can tell, have ever been arrested, let alone tried and convicted for behavior that has sent thousands of African Americans to prison for decades. To access a free copy of the full report, click this link.

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Mike M
Mike M
Jun 26, 2023

I used to think that Fuehrer Barry the Fairy Obama was the biggest unmitigated Communist hypocrite of all time. Now I think that it's a tie between him and Bite-Me Biden.

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