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Assault on America, Day 650: Why the (heck) isn’t Biden asked about repudiating Colin Kaepernick?

If Democrats love Colin Kaepernick’s cause so much, shouldn’t they openly embrace him?

Despite the utter absence of evidence that President Donald Trump and members of the Republican Party are racists, Democrats and their followers are still accusing conservatives of thought crimes and “systemic” bias nonetheless. One of the leftists’ leading spokesmen, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, recently advanced some fresh thoughts on an issue that’s very much at the forefront of this year’s election.

In a story titled, “Colin Kaepernick calls to abolish 'White supremacist' police, prisons: 'F---k reform'”, Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times, “Colin Kaepernick said he wants to completely abolish police and prisons in a new essay, arguing that such institutions are rooted in White supremacy and cannot be reformed. As part of his new publishing series, ‘Abolition For The People’ on Medium, the former NFL quarterback and Black Lives Matter activist wrote Wednesday that ‘systemic problems demand systemic solutions.’ …

“’The central intent of policing is to surveil, terrorize, capture, and kill marginalized populations, specifically Black folks,’ he wrote. ‘In order to eradicate anti-Blackness, we must also abolish the police. The abolition of one without the other is impossible.’

“In a section titled, ‘F—K Reform,’ Mr. Kaepernick argued that police reforms like adding body cameras and more training ‘will never alter the outcome of a system rooted in Black death,’ and that defunding the police is the first step to complete abolition.”

There you have it. Democrats and their leftist freakshow activist base have even found a new meaning for “Black Death.” Instead of referring to a historic plague that killed as many as 300 million (as opposed to COVID-19 killing just one-million-plus this year) people in the dark ages, thanks to the warm and fuzzy ruminations of Colin Kaepernick, the term now applies to the way police officers and the prison system treat law breakers. Seeing as African-Americans only make up a percentage of those impacted by the criminal justice system, does this mean officers specifically target whites, Hispanics and Asians who run afoul of the laws too?

Or should Kaepernick’s proposals only apply to black suspects and convicted criminals? It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? If Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren had her DNA tested to reveal she’s 1/1024th Native American, shouldn’t everyone who’s arrested need to be similarly checked to determine their degree of blackness? The test results could then be handed over to the slavery reparations bureaucrats, and instead of being tried and imprisoned, the guy or gal could be mailed a check according to their ancestry! What a concept! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no doubt working on it right now.

This is yet another not-so-subtle hint of what’s in store for America if good ol’ hair sniffin’, race baitin’, crooked son coddlin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’, sexual assault denyin’ Grampa Joe Biden is elected president! He and his identity politics queen running mate, Kamala Harris, love the Colin Kaepernicks of the world. They’re the storm troops of the party, the statue destroyers, fist thrusters, building burners, store looters and “mostly peaceful” front line losers we see on the news (well, at least on Fox News’s evening line-up).

Kaepernick can and should be given a leading role in the new Biden administration if it comes to pass. How about as a “systemic racism” czar charged with meeting with police representatives to set the new rules for policing. Biden already said he’d bring the antagonistic groups to meet at the White House, right? A little Kumbaya session will definitely lead to the police agreeing to disband themselves at Colin’s demand. Everyone will go away happy!

And forget simply defunding the police -- or as Biden himself has advocated, reallocating funds -- let’s get rid of the concept altogether! And prisons too! While we’re at it, why not just trash the entire criminal code! Why make theft, child molestation, rape and murder a crime when we, as a society, can just forgive and forget ahead of time! Yes, this is where we are in 2020, folks.

Instead of seeking to further an already color-blind society, Democrats want to make everything about skin color. This is the reverse Civil Rights Movement of today’s vintage. Who needs Affirmative Action when you can just judge everything by what you are as opposed to who you are?

The white supremacy thing has never made sense where Trump is concerned, not that it made any more impact when other Republicans were at issue. American voters have short memories, but remember how much hay the media made over Hurricane Katrina in 2005? Much of New Orleans was under water because a damn failed and people were stuck on their rooftops awaiting rescue after the storm. The African-American mayor and pasty white female Democrat governor (Kathleen Babineaux Blanco) didn’t do a whole lot to improve the situation, yet it was President George W. Bush who was labeled a racist because most of the storm’s victims were black.

The whole idea that Bush withheld or slowed federal aid because of race considerations was patently unfair -- and false. Yet liberals used the opportunity to weaken the second term Republican and permanently sidetrack his agenda. Democrats had been pinning the “racist” label to the GOP since the beginning of political time, but this was perhaps the most egregious example. So no, assigning the “racist” tag to a Republican isn’t new.

Racism is just one item in the irredeemable basket of deplorables’ repertoire

Such kneejerk reactions are perfunctory for Democrats. It isn’t just skin color either. National origin (xenophobia), sexual orientation (homophobia), sexism, gender-ism, religion-ism (Islamophobia), discrimination against the poor, dissing the medically indigent (pre-existing conditions), etc. Democrats seem to believe that within every Republican chest beats a heart full of hate. Trump is a particularly easy target for the evil-speakers because he won’t break down and apologize for every little hint of non-politically correct thought. What a crock.

Racism is their go-to smear, however. There have been a number of women from Trump’s past who emerged to accuse him of certain transgressions, but there haven’t been any employees that I’m aware of that accused him of outright racism. His friends haven’t. Former football great Herschel Walker is on cable news all the time denying the assertion. Even Kanye West has never indicated that Trump discriminates based on skin color.

The #MeToo movement cleared the way for women to make unsubstantiated claims based on the emotional impact of the moment. Many of the stories were true; others were basically a he-said-she-said divergence of distant memories. Yet all claims were adjudicated by the thought police.

But calling someone a racist is serious and could be legally actionable. The standard of proof is extremely high, however. Like with libel and slander against a public figure, a complainant must prove that the accused acted with intent, and in this realm, malice due to race. Looking inside someone’s heart and head isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, and tweets and social media posts don’t necessarily prove someone is of a certain mindset or persuasion.

If this were true, half of Hollywood and the rap music industry would be behind bars.

Nevertheless, Democrats persist with the hypothesis that Trump harbors ill-feelings towards non-white people. The allegation that he refuses to disavow white supremacy is a total farce; he’s already done it dozens of times. It’s therefore understandable why he doesn’t want to gratify the media by doing it again. But by failing to give them what they want -- another condemnation -- it keeps the subject in the headlines and guarantees that it will remain there indefinitely.

Shouldn’t Democrats have to pledge allegiance to Colin K’s anti-police message?

We have Colin Kaepernick, who is on record spouting racist statements and depicting the nation’s police forces as backwards and prejudicial, portrayed as a leader of the liberal black community. Shouldn’t Democrats be asked to disavow Kaepernick and his ideology? They’d never do it because then half of professional athletes -- the all-race-all-the-time crybabies who kneel and raise their fists when the national anthem is played -- would repudiate their support for the party.

Major professional sports’ ratings are already in the tank because of their renewed emphasis on granting players a right to “speak out” on social causes. What happens when some of those athletes invariably join Kaepernick in calling for police forces and prisons to be abolished? Doesn’t this view deserve an audience too?

Free speech on the football gridiron, basketball court, hockey ice and baseball diamond is all well and good until the real meaning of what these people are saying begins sinking in to the paying customer. What if the police and security personnel start boycotting the games themselves? Would this drive home the greater point?

Liberal mind-controllers have used Kaepernick as an example of someone who’s been discriminated against for what he believes. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said it was a mistake to bar players from using their high profiles to speak out on causes that they believe in. This year’s games have not included fans in most stadiums as a “safety” measure. But what “safety” are the powers-that-be adhering to? Is it the virtually harmless (to the age group) coronavirus or is it erecting an invisible barrier against fan reaction?

If NFL owners are so worried about what the players think (and not the fans), why not replace Goodell with Kaepernick? Or how about giving Kaepernick and his anti-law enforcement message a prominent role in public relations? If the football poohbahs are so convinced that they need to bow before the altar of racism, why don’t they really do something about it?

I haven’t watched much NFL football this season. I haven’t missed it either. Thankfully Colin Kaepernick is someone else’s problem. Joe Biden should tell us what the thinks about the former quarterback’s ideas. But the media wouldn’t dare ask him.

Michelle Obama lays the racism angle on thick

It could be said Colin Kaepernick is considered to be on the fringe of Democrat party thought, but former first lady Michelle Obama is right in the mainstream. Lady Obama made a video last week, pleading with Americans to reject Trump because he’s a racist. In a piece titled “Are Americans Tired of Being Called ‘Racist’ Yet?,” Robert Stacy McCain wrote at The American Spectator, “Racism simply fails to explain everything Democrats say it can explain, and adding such modifiers as ‘systemic’ or ‘structural’ is just linguistic camouflage, deployed to conceal this explanatory failure.

“In her video, Mrs. Obama praised Biden as ‘the kind of leader our nation deserves.’ Does she mean by this that Americans are confused and have difficulty speaking a coherent sentence? The RealClearPolitics average of national polls shows Biden ahead by nearly 10 points, so apparently a majority agree with Democrats that we are a profoundly racist country. Or maybe the polls are all wrong, and Trump will repeat his against-all-odds upset in 2016. If Trump wins again, we shall see if Democrats are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful’ in their reaction.”

It's curious how Democrats are pushing racism so hard this late in the campaign with polls showing them well in front. It could be that they’re trying to guarantee that African-Americans turn out in the kind of numbers they need to secure a victory for their compromised ticket of ultra-liberal riot appeasers. Or maybe their internal polling shows Trump and Republicans making inroads into the solid voting bloc.

Democrats automatically assume all black voters think the same (Biden’s even said it, several times), like they all agree with Maxine Waters’ mindset and would love to place Al Sharpton in a high position to dictate policy. Liberals bet that most African-Americans process information just like Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James, and they’ll all kneel for the national anthem.

All it would take is a small percentage of black votes in key states to switch and the entire foundation of the Democrat party collapses. Let’s not forget that liberals are hoping to capture the senate and maintain their majority in the House. Sooner or later the racism lie will be exposed. Perhaps the lesson will arrive on Election Day. We can only hope.

In the year 2020, it's astonishing that someone like Colin Kaepernick is granted a platform to spew his offensive and expletive-laden anti-law enforcement venom, and it’s equally shocking that Democrats are so openly embracing a “Trump and Republicans are racist” campaign message. When you haven’t got much else to offer, just call the other side names.

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