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Barry’s Birthday Bash: Democrats Playing Calvinball With America

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Fans of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes (now sadly missing from today’s not so funny comics pages) will recall that Calvin and Hobbes had a game called “Calvinball” in which the

rules were whatever the players wanted them to be at the moment. What’s more, rules could not be used twice (except for the rule that rules cannot be used twice), and any plays made in one game could not be made again in any future games.

Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard tells us that Democrats are and have been for a long time, playing Calvinball with America.

When word leaked out that Obama was hosting a birthday party for himself and several hundred of his closest family and friends at his lavish $12 million Martha’s Vineyard vacation home a social media and editorial page uproar ensured.

Obama’s answer was to simply lie about “cutting back” the party and proceed to party for three days straight knowing that what would have been front page news alleging a Delta variant super-spreader event, if a Republican or Right/conservative figure in or out of politics had done it, would be ignored.

So, the party went on, as the Washington Post reported, music manager T.J. Chapman wrote, "The production, the sound, the lights, the staff, the food, the drinks — like, man, epic. Epic, epic, man. Y'all never seen Obama like this in your life. … The party of all parties." An insider also told People that Obama "had the biggest smile" throughout the party, and he "danced all night."

You can watch guests dancing maskless here:

The UK’s Daily Mail has the best and most extensive coverage available through this link.

Indeed, the flouting of all the mask and social distancing guidelines and abusive social pressure to conform (and what would have resulted in arrests in some areas) were not just ignored, but excused by the liberal press, with New York Times White House correspondent Annie Karni describing the guests who attended Obama’s maskless party as “sophisticated, vaccinated,” and thus apparently exempt from the rules that mere mortals have to follow. Who knew wearing bespoke shoes and suits and the right sunglasses confer immunity to the virus as well.

The Washingtonian explained it was all OK, because, according to photos published by the Daily Mail, the event appeared to be mostly outdoors under sprawling white tents that took up most of the Obama’s nearly 30-acre property on the island. Bespoke face masks were also said to have been provided, and the party was held in a "stunning white marquee adorned with verdant floral installations, twinkly lights and a fully kitted out dancefloor," reported Tatler. The event even had its own “COVID coordinator.”

And as Obama and his “sophisticated, vaccinated” guests partied like every American 2020 high school graduate and girl who arrived at her Quinceañera wished they could have partied, Dr. Anthony Fauci issued this dire warning to the apparently unsophisticated attendees at the Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally: “You’re going to get to do that in the future, but let's get this pandemic under control before we start acting like nothing is going on."

Crickets on the Obama party of course.

But it wasn’t just the whole masks and social distancing stuff that Obama and his Leftist buddies flouted. In the same week the media issued another round of climate alarms John Kerry arrived at the party on a private jet – as did lots of the other guests – because, as sophisticates, they couldn’t take the ferry like everyone else headed to the Black Dog for a drink and relaxing weekend on the island.

As you probably heard, the CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci and many other experts have urged people to wear masks inside again because of the Delta variant. The CDC has now even recommended that fully vaccinated people and school-age kids begin wearing masks indoors again and the CDC recommends universal indoor masking by all students (age 2 and older), staff, teachers, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status.

That’s a reversal from the CDC’s May 2021 advice that the fully vaccinated could leave their masks at home and brought U.S. guidelines more in line with World Health Organization recommendations.

But if you are confused by the reversal or missed where the new rules offered an exemption to the “sophisticated” in when and where to wear a mask, you’ve obviously forgotten that this is not science, it is Calvinball. And the only rule in Calvinball is the rules are whatever the big players want them to be at any given moment and any plays you made in a past game cannot be made again in today’s game.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Aug 10, 2021

Cuomo resigns finally but it's not over folks,

How about the rest of the democrat governor's? who were involved with election fraud ? senior nursing home deaths? defund the police departments, leading to more crime and murders? and of course aiding in illegals entry to the United States by not upholding their oath of office to protect their States from virus spreads.? Time for Democrat recalls, clear the nuts from their National corruption of office.


Don't care about what people say; care about what people do. When you see leftists at a mass gathering, in an expensive home on the coast, this tells you all you need to know about C-19 and global warming. They don't believe what they are saying, and we shouldn't either.

Replying to

Thanks for 'dotting the i's and crossing the t's', Dave. You have concisely stated what so MANY of us have been thinking and feeling for quite a while. Now, how to turn this into an unstoppable tide. Pushback against Mr. Jay Inslee in WA ST ought to be the next step (Cuomo is on his way out --- thanks for saying so, George, and Gavin Newsome is on his way to either being 'dumped out' or scared politically within an inch of his life) since he brazenly declared all state employees MUST be vaccinated by sometime in the 1st half of October or lose their jobs. Jay, 'babe', the 'emergency' is over and you and Bob Ferguson (State Attorney General…


Is it Calvinball, or Calvin's balls.


Carol Adams
Carol Adams
Aug 10, 2021

All about covid is laughable now. And pitiful that we are tolerating any one like fauci and others who are ringing the bell for masks, lockdowns, distancing. There is something very wrong going on when the obama mega party is ignored and deemed ok and outdoor sturgis is not. Who is going to call the Calvin ball game.


Mike M
Mike M
Aug 10, 2021

To paraphrase the late Leona Helmsley "We don't have rules. Only the little people have to obey rules."

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