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Can Public Schools Be Saved?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

For decades conservatives have decried the erosion of standards in our taxpayer funded public schools, but we now recognize that in addition to being ineffective at teaching children the basic skills they need to be functional adult citizens, the public schools are also

the source of much of the cultural rot that is destroying the moral underpinnings of American civilization.

This has caused many parents, grandparents, and taxpayers to conclude that our public schools are beyond saving. The only answer is to pull children out of the cesspool many public schools have become and to homeschool kids or enroll them in privately funded religious schools.

Our friend E. Ray Moore, Chairman, Christian Education Initiative ( and Chairman, Public School Exit (, is one of the leaders who says “promoting the school reform idea after so much hard evidence that for decades shows public schools are harmful to children, do not educate but rather indoctrinate, and that public school reform does not work.”

Pastor Moore, a retired Army Reserve Chaplain, says we are now at a once in a one-hundred-year moment for a new K-12 Christian education and homeschooling awakening with millions of children entering the safe sanctuary of free-market and private Christian education, and he asks “How much longer do we need to wait until the conservative movement sees the utter futility of conservative public-school reform?” State-sponsored public education must be abandoned by Christian and conservative people if we are to win the hearts and minds of our youth, he concluded.

Now, Pastor Moore’s Christian criticism of public education has been joined by a powerful voice on the more secular Right – that of Michael Reagan, the prominent syndicated columnist and political commentator and eldest son of President Ronald Reagan.

In a column for NewsMax, “Best Way to End Depraved Curriculums, Take Your Kids Out” co-authored with Michael R. Shannon, Michael Reagan revealed that the New Jersey Board of Education has issued rulings on a variety of degenerate activities that must be taught in the state’s public schools and it’s worse than you can imagine. (Emphasis by CHQ.)

Everything the "church ladies" warned of when sex education was introduced into schools (and some no one could have imagined) has painfully come true, wrote Messrs. Reagan and Shannon. Depravity, grooming, obscenity and innocence theft are all now a feature of government-mandated public school pornography exposure.

According to the research documented in the article, New Jersey education "experts" think 13-year-olds are emotionally ready for this: "according to the New Jersey standards, students should 'describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption;’ and 'Define vaginal, oral, and anal sex.'"

Once they’ve mastered all the sexual techniques the Bible warns against, the same students should "develop a plan to eliminate or reduce risk of unintended pregnancy and STIs (including HIV)."

That plan is easy enough and contains only a single word: Abstain. But we think the demon-possessed state Board would find that approach to be not "inclusive" enough, observed Reagan and Shannon.

In the unlikely event a New Jersey local school board is run by adults who don’t think the role of education is to act like evangelists for sexual license, the options for sanity are limited, wrote Reagan and Shannon. One educrat — who was happy to emphasize there is no hope for normal parents — boasted that opting not to indoctrinate students is impossible.

"If we do not, we do not pass New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (NJQSAC) monitoring. If the district fails this process we may become ineligible for state and even federal funding."

We are happy to commend the parents who opted their children out of this disgusting curriculum, but the bad news is, it’s not enough, the authors observed. The children whose parents didn’t opt them out will be happy to share all the titillating details and graphic illustrations with children whose parents did opt out, noted Reagan and Shannon.

Once this teacher transmitted virus enters the school system there is no isolation strategy that will work. The only real choice is to get your children out of public (read government) schools, concluded Messrs. Reagan and Shannon.

Can public schools be fixed, even by electing more conservatives to local school boards and state legislatures? You can't fix socialism, says E. Ray Moore, and public education fits the definition of socialism where government owns the means of production, property and services.

Many conservative leaders, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has invested a lot of political capital in electing conservatives to Sunshine State school boards would disagree. Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 14, 2022



There is really nothing to save. They are. finally working as planned way back when Horace Mann brought Prussian education to America. You cannot fix something that is not broken. We both know there is only one option for our children. All the so called conservatives pushing school choice which in the end is only choice in location not education. It is the scheme to suck private and religious schools into the public school system. But parents just follow like sheep without doing any research at all. When all is said and done the public system will be the ONLY system available and I do believe one day they will try to make home school illegal.


Richard Hawkins
Richard Hawkins
Oct 10, 2022

That is only the beginning. You have the teachers' colleges brainwashing the teachers into a Marxist method of teaching. You have text book publishers producing cultural Marxist based narratives in the socialist studies texts and the English Language Arts texts. You got billionaires funding the PR for all of this. along with Democrats and RINOs pushing this stuff to maintain power and control.


You can't fix what isn't broken. Public schools are doing exactly what they are designed to do. It's time for parents to take back the education of their children. Every American family has the right to remove their kids today and save them from the Marxist, statist, anti-family, anti-God indoctrination of the public schools. It comes down to a question of motivation and priorities. If you are considering your options, I urge you to watch Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution.


Amadeus Frison
Amadeus Frison
Oct 10, 2022

Ray Moore is absolutely right. We never should have allowed government to get involved in the education of our children in the first place!

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