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Democrat Embrace Of Pedophilia No Longer A Myth

You remember “Pizzagate” and the rumor that was circulated in 2016 that Hillary Clinton and other Democrats were heading up a child sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington pizzeria.

The conspiracy theory originated on 4chan and was based on emails hacked from the Democratic Party and published by Wikileaks. It stated that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager, John Podesta, ran a child sex ring at Comet Ping Pong in Washington.

A 29-year-old North Carolina man, Edgar Maddison Welch, went to the Washington pizzeria in December of 2016, and fired his gun, wrongly believing he was saving children trapped in a sex-slave ring. He was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a weapon inside the pizzeria and other offenses.

It turns out that while the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory got the location wrong, it wasn’t entirely off base in tying Democrats to pedophilia.

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome recently signed into law SB 145, which exempts a person convicted of non-forcible sodomy with a minor, oral copulation with a minor, or sexual penetration with a minor, as specified, from having to automatically register as a sex offender under the Sex Offender Registry Act if the person was not more than 10 years older than the minor at the time of the offense, and the conviction is the only one requiring the person to register.

In other words, the measure ends the automatic addition to the state’s sex offender registry list for adults who have oral or anal sex with a minor.

Or as our friend Dr. Everett Piper @dreverettpiper explained via Twitter:

CA LGBTQ caucus votes to protect 22 year-olds who engage in sex with 12 year-olds from “blatant discrimination.” @PC1170
Yes - you read that right

California Democrat state Sen. Scott Wiener, who introduced the legislation, said in a statement on social media the new law would put an end to “blatant discrimination against young LGBT people engaged in consensual activity.”

However, as Ian G. Haworth, a political commentator and writer, based in the California Bay Area and the host of the daily podcast “The Ian Haworth Show” pointed out in a column for Townhall:

…the language used by Sen. Wiener when he celebrated Newsom’s support. SB-145 “ended “blatant discrimination” against LGBTQ youth,” presenting the recipients of intercourse as the victims of “blatant discrimination.” However, SB-145 has no impact on the minor, but the person convicted of statutory rape. Indeed, presenting SB-145 as having achieved some form of equality for minors is absurd when the law only weakens the punishment for those who abuse minors.

Attorney Samuel Dordulian, a former Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County, who worked as a sex crimes prosecutor said of the new law, "SB 145 is a misguided attempt to amend laws that the bill’s sponsors argue disproportionately target LGBT people. I would argue that allowing more 25-year-olds who assault 15-years-olds an opportunity to avoid the sex offender registry is no service to the LGBT community. Rather, it hamstrings a valuable deterrent for reducing sex crimes that deleteriously impact all communities. Most importantly, there’s a far more urgent issue that requires the attention and action of California’s elected officials.”

Former Oakland Police Department officer Leah Anaya, writing for Law Enforcement Today, got it right when she wrote:

If you’re a pedophile and want to rape sweet, innocent, young children, then California is the state for you.
If you’re a parent who cares about the safety of your sweet, innocent, young children, then get the hell out of California.
The far left is going even further off the deep end, an act I didn’t think was even possible. And the ones most affected by their proposed asinine legislation are those very children you want so much to protect, and pedophiles want so much to molest.


It means that a bleeding-heart judge can allow a sex offender to just “live his truth” because, hey, it’s not his fault that he is obsessed with and turned on by children.
It means that an 18-year old man can engage in sexual intercourse or activities with an 8-year old boy or girl and would not necessarily have to register as a sex offender.
Just read those last few sentences one more time to make sure you are taking in the absolute horrendousness of it.

How can this even be a possibility, you might be asking? It is simple, Democrats long ago rejected the Biblical definition of appropriate human relations and embraced every form of deviancy as being a form of self-expression, which must be recognized as legitimate and protected by law.

When you go to the polls this November, when you vote Republican are not just voting for law and order, you are voting for protecting children from abuse that has been recognized as abhorrent for the 2,000+ years Judeo-Christian mores have held sway in the West.

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