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Diana West: We Are a Nation of Spies, They Think

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

If we still believed what they told us, taught us, ordered us to live by and fight for, this headline would be unbelievable.

"USMC recruit discharged, harassed, and barred from service after refusing to become an FBI informant for $250,000"

But now we know who they are and what they do. Just look at what they -- FBI / DOJ -- have done and continue to do to 20-year Special Forces Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown for his

refusal to become a government informant prior to January 6. It seems likely that Uncle Sam, that dude Jeremy went to war for, even resorted to planting evidence in order to frame him and other members of the Oathkeepers after the FBI "found" two hand grenades in a vest during a search of Brown's home in Florida in September 2021, over eight months after January 6. For his part, Brown consistently denied the grenades, or the vest were his; as early as October 2021, the government knew from initial DNA testing that Brown was telling the truth, and withheld this evidence from Brown's attorneys.

In February 2022, further DNA testing specifically excluded Brown as a potential DNA contributor to the grenades, thus definitively negating the "explosives" charge against him and other Oathkeepers. Not that months of baseless accusations hadn't already done their damage....

As with Brown, a much-decorated retired special forces master sergeant, young Pvt Kaltenbach's story below is another reminder of who this government is, and what it does to our bravest. It's also an inspiring story of another American man who said no.

The Kaltenbach story was broken by a website called the Justice Report, which I was not familiar with. It describes its mission as being "dedicated towards the victims of anti-White hate."*

Officially, anti-White hate doesn't exist; although, officially, anti-White hate is a leading driver especially of the illegitimate Biden regime. The Pavolian/politically correct reaction to "White"-victim-advocacy may cause some to turn away, but I suggest they do so at our nation's continuing peril. One of the many wars waged against the People is a kind of race war, only one side is never supposed to acknowledge this, let alone defend itself. Recently, thanks to an FBI whistleblower in the Richmond field office, we caught a glimpse of the super-predatory thinking within the Bureau, which recently produced a strategy to counter "white supremacy" by recruiting informants within the traditional Catholic community -- or, in FBI demon-speak, "Radical-Traditionalist Catholics," further defined as Catholics who attend Latin Mass.

It's gotten that bad.

Now see what one recruit says they are trying to do inside the US Marine Corps. Go here to contribute to former Private Paul Kaltenbach’s Give Send Go legal defense fund.

Jack McKraken writes:

Parris Island, SC – A White US Marine recruit was lured into a false interrogation by federal agents. When they failed to groom him into a confidential informant to be used against pro-White activist groups—even offering him a quarter of a million dollars to do so—he was terminated from his job and sent back home right before his boot camp graduation.

Federal agents, including three members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and two members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), masqueraded as “Department of Defense civilians.” Assuming fake identities, they issued a mock “employee survey” to an entire Marine platoon with the precise goal of luring their intended target into a separate room so he could be ambushed and interrogated.

Once isolated from his peers, the agents grilled the young Marine recruit for four hours and ultimately offered him a choice: turn into a confidential informant for the federal government or be terminated from the Marine Corps. The recruit chose the latter.

The Justice Report first learned of the FBI-led sting operation after receiving an anonymous tip from an individual claiming to be close to the matter—and after a brief correspondence—we were able to verify the story and secure an exclusive one-on-one interview from the recruit in question: United States Marine Corps Private Paul Kaltenbach.

McKraken goes on to interview Kaltenbach, who believes the government investigators targeted him because "he used to know a guy who was allegedly in that group Patriot Front....When they found out I was at Parris Island, I think they saw an opportunity."

“They kept asking me about the guy I knew that got arrested. They wanted to know what I knew about him. He was from North Carolina, about 30 minutes from the power stations that were attacked,” explained Kaltenbach. “They thought he might know somebody who could have done it and said if I had any information to connect this guy to the attacks, I could go back to my platoon right now. They said, ‘If you’re 100% truthful with us right now, we’ll go to the General and say, hey, he’s back in.'” “I didn’t have anything they were looking for, so they eventually offered me three options. One, I get to stay in the Marines, but I have to work for them wherever I get stationed as a confidential informant. They were prepared to offer me a quarter of a million dollars as a sign-on bonus. To be a rat,” he explained. “They said that if I chose to stay in the Marines, they would want me looking for and joining ‘terror cells’ within the corps.”

“The second option was I get kicked out of the Marines, but I get on their payroll to work for them wherever I go in the civilian world. They said they wanted me to join groups. As many as I could. They mentioned Patriot Front, active clubs, and even something called Atomwaffen by name. They wanted me to look for evidence of violence and extremism. The third option was nothing. I get kicked out and that was it.”

... When the Justice Report asked Kaltenbach what his response was to an offer of $250,000 dollars, the Marine private replied, “I told them to get f—ed. I felt like I was trapped in the room and couldn’t leave, so I just started to shut down.” But despite his refusal, the FBI, according to Kaltenbach, kept trying to coerce him.

The following informant-pitch has that equal-parts cloying/chilling ring of truth.

“Be on team America, be on our side, and help us. Right now, you’re probably 50% team America, but we need you to come over the edge and be 100% team America,” said Kaltenbach, explaining the way federal agents attempted to use Kaltenbach’s innate sense of patriotism to adopt a new life as a domestic spy. “They said, ‘This isn’t a 5th amendment situation. This is about your background check. Don’t you want your security clearance so you can go out and do your job? You have to talk to us.'”

You have to talk to us? What is this, the Gulag? SS HQ? Nope, it's the new USA.

As Kaltenbach tells it, his Drill Instructors and First Sergeant had no idea what was going on, and even penalized him for his long absence in the FBI/NCIS interrogation.

"...The entire command still had no idea what was going on, they were all in the dark. The federal agents had essentially sidestepped the whole chain of command. They were working straight at the top with the General.”

Uh-oh. A long time ago, a friend of mine in the Navy working at the Pentagon told me that no one, but no one, makes it to flag officer who is not "PC." Later, I heard a similar message about other branches when I was told that almost no one above the rank of major could be trusted. They were all vectors of the leftist transformation of everything. It's so obvious now.

The story continues:

NCIS personnel, Kaltenbach then claims, told him that after a briefing with the General of Parris Island, the Marine recruit was “realistically done” with the Marine Corps, despite having never committed any wrongdoing. He was then issued an “involuntarily discharge” from active duty citing, “fraudulent entry,” an excuse, experts confirmed, typically reserved for those failing to disclose a medical or legal issue to a recruiter.


“They told me, ‘Realistically, we talked to the General and you’re gone.’ They asked me if I was okay and if I was going to hurt myself or others,” he said. “I was never charged for anything criminally or did anything wrong. Everything felt so stupid. So insulting. ‘Sorry we’re taking away your career, now please, don’t shoot yourself!'”

Sounds like yet another episode of American betrayal. It's terrible to read of the regime's callousness and cruelty toward Kaltenbach; clearly, he has not recovered from his ordeal. And how could he? It is his belief that he remains under FBI surveillance even now that he has left Parris Island and returned home.

It sounds so hollow to say that Congress needs to look into this. But they do. Put Hunter's laptop aside for ten minutes, and look into Kaltenbach's story and do something about it. Do something about Jeremy Brown and the other state-abused J6ers while you're at it, and before we all perish.

As for the Marine recruit, I hope he realizes that while the feds may have taken away his career, they didn't take away his integrity, and that, after all, is what they came looking for.

*Justice Report and Jack McKraken have been “unpersoned” for alleged ties to “White Supremacy” by Google, The Southern Poverty Law Center and various other arbiters of what you can and can’t read.

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At 79, I've had a lot of life experience, including a career in the Air Force. A few years ago, had I read this story I would have rejected it out of hand as impossible in the USA. Now?


Thank you for serving, sir. God bless you.


Ha! Take a look at FBAR. I am to spy on my own wife who is not a US citizen if certain financial thresholds are met. And not just her, any and all who trust me with signature authority over their accounts. True of all US citizens who live abroad. Yes, we all are spies and Trojan horses.


Mike M
Mike M

Can't say that I'm greatly surprised. Bite-Me Biden and his entire administration have sold their rotten souls to the devil for money and power so they think that everyone else should be willing to do the same thing. What they either have forgotten or don't understand is that the oath that some of us took to uphold and defend the Constitution actually means something. But since they regard the Constitution as nothing better than used toilet paper then they fail to understand why anyone would actually want to uphold and defend it.

Mike M
Mike M

I agree. But Holding the GOP accountable for allowing the 2020 election to be stolen is about like asking Bonnie and Clyde to guard a bank vault.


Unbelievable what the current US Government is doing. I trust this story is accurate and if it is, the corruption, deception, dishonesty, that is happening makes most of us US Citizens disgusted, appalled and outright enraged at their plans, practices and methods to further corrupt the US GOVERNMENT. Totally Unbelievable. WHAT HAPPENED TO HONESTY, INTEGRITY, TRUSTWORTHINESS and good OLD COMMON SENSE?


CRT and the LGBTQ alphabet cabal of evil. Rassmussen says 47% of blacks think whites are evil. Just to a name a few . . . !

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