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Every Attack On Trump Makes The MAGA Movement Stronger

The Democrats’ obsession with former President Donald Trump has gone from making him the object of political dirty tricks to something resembling a psychosis where Trump is

assumed to be the source of all evil in the land. Consequently, no attack on Trump or his family or his business empire is now out of bounds for Democrats.

One of the most psychotic of former President Trump’s pursuers is Democratic New York Attorney General Letitia James who ran on a platform of getting Trump and has now launched yet another politically motivated attack on President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and all Trump businesses in the Empire State.

James announced her latest ploy in her Inspector Javert-like pursuit of Trump in a Tweet (of course) saying she is seeking to:

Make Trump pay $250 million.

Ban the Trumps from running NY businesses for good.

Ban Trump and Trump Org from buying commercial real estate in NY for 5 yrs.

We're making a criminal referral to the U.S. Dept of Justice.

It will surprise no conservative that James’ announcement coincided with the results of a poll showing as the incumbent Democrat James is actually behind Republican challenger Michael Henry in her campaign for reelection. The latest Trafalgar Group poll showed Mr. Henry up by two points. (If you’d like to donate to his campaign, and we urge all conservatives to do so, here’s a link to his website.)

Don Jr. was quick to fire back with a Tweet saying:

Democrats seem to think that the more they pour the attacks on Donald Trump, and the more outlandish the charges, Trump and with him the MAGA Movement, will eventually dry up and blow away.

But the exact opposite is occurring.

While it is true that polls show Trump’s popularity has dropped a point or two over the last month or so, the MAGA Movement is stronger than ever.

MAGA candidates pretty well swept the GOP primaries, and even Republicans who didn’t seek or get Trump’s endorsement are running on the MAGA platform – and leading in their races.

And there’s another thing that is hard to quantify, but gets talked about a lot in bars, diners, bait shops, gun stores and other places where Average Joes gather – they look at the political persecution of Donald Trump, Mike Lindell and the January 6 defendants and ask themselves, “Could this happen to me?”

Could I find myself in the crosshairs of Democrats for liking a Pro-Life post on Facebook? Could I get pulled over and my car searched because I have an NRA sticker on my bumper? Will I get attacked for wearing a MAGA hat?

The problem for Democrats is that more and more people are asking those questions, concluding the answer is YES, and rather than being cowed or intimidated they are more resolved than ever to vote Republican and rid themselves of this tyranny.

When Democrats conducted their purely partisan impeachment of then-President Trump, Trump posted a picture on Twitter where he is pointing a finger towards the audience saying, "In reality, they're not after me they're after you I'm just in the way."

The Democrats obsessive to the point of psychosis pursuit of Donald Trump has proven Trump to be right and conservative voters are waking up to the fact that they could be the next to be arrested for political crimes if there isn’t a prompt and radical change in Washington.

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Charles Wilkins
Oct 01, 2022


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Charles Wilkins
Sep 24, 2022


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words . . . !


I'm keeping an open mind regarding the 2024 election because we have to get through 2022 first, but every attack on President Trump causes me to plan on giving him full support. To be honest, it isn't out of the realm of possible that when Republicans prevail in the House and Senate races this November, the Democrats will come up with a way to nullify the election and maintain their hold on congress. This thought keeps me up at night.

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I'm not even bother to vote, I'm just going to pray - because of course the GOD will provide us with a VICTORY!

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