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Glenn Youngkin’s Real Conservative ‘Day One Game Plan’ For Virginia

While Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe and principle-free former “conservatives” like Bill Kristol campaign against Virginia’s principled limited government constitutional conservative

Republican candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin for being too “Trumpy,” Youngkin has released a steady stream of solidly conservative policy proposals that should motivate every center-right voter in Virginia to turnout on Election Day.

Youngkin’s latest policy announcement is what he calls his “Day One Game Plan,” but he might just as well have called it his “Day One Liberty Plan” because of its heavy emphasis on getting rid of the oppressive regulations that have been the hallmark of the Northam and McAuliffe Democrat administrations.

Youngkin’s proposal focuses on five categories: “Cutting costs for families; Keeping our communities safe; Reinvigorating job growth; Restoring excellence in education; and Making government work.”

Tax policy details include eliminating a 2.5 percent grocery tax, a 12-month suspension of the recent gas tax increase, requiring voter approval before property taxes increase and cutting income taxes by doubling the standard deduction. Youngkin’s plan would protect qualified immunity, and work to address Virginia’s mental health system crisis.

His education policy includes several spending items including creating 20 new charter schools, teacher pay raises, rebuilding school buildings, and special education programs. His plan also calls for “restoring high expectations” in education.

He called for a #JumpstartJobs program to train workers and attract investment in Virginia.

“We will jumpstart job growth in Virginia. I will be the jobs governor of Virginia,” Youngkin said according to reporting by our friends at the Virginia Star.

“Today, Virginia ranks an abysmal 44th in the nation in job recovery coming out of the pandemic,” Youngkin said.

His plan calls for reopening the DMV and upgrading technology at the Virginia Employment Commission. It includes a statewide audit to detect waste and fraud.

“We’re going to make government work for you and all the while we’re going to be standing up and protecting your constitutional rights,” Youngkin said.

Youngkin also announced law enforcement policy, including a promise to fire the Virginia Parole Board, and crackdowns on gun violence including re-instating Project Exile and introducing Operation Ceasefire, reported the Virginia Star’s Eric Burk.

But from our perspective the two most politically potent items on Glenn Youngkin’s agenda are his opposition to further lockdowns and his opposition to using Virginia’s public schools to teach Critical Race Theory.

According to Shawn Fleetwood’s reporting for the Federalist, Youngkin promised never to return the commonwealth to COVID-19 lockdowns and vowed to ban critical race theory (CRT) in Virginia schools as part of the “day one game plan” he unveiled at Monday’s Falls Church rally.

“The ruling class in Richmond is totally insulated from the everyday struggles of small-business owners, entrepreneurs, and working Virginians,” he said. “I will not allow COVID lockdowns to ever occur in Virginia again.”

The former businessman also turned his attention to education, promising to keep Virginia classrooms open five days a week and to push for school choice if he were to take office, reported Fleetwood.

“The learning loss over the past 18 months has so disadvantaged our kids,” he said. “The governor [Ralph Northam] ceded control of our classroom to the teachers unions. We will not do that again. … We’re gonna create 20 innovation charter schools on day one to give parents choice.”

“We will absolutely remove, rid the political agenda that’s made its way into our classroom by banning critical race theory on day one,” he said. Youngkin’s position on the divisive ideology falls contrary to that of his Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe, who has dismissed critical race theory as a “right-wing conspiracy theory,” reported the Federalist’s Shawn Fleetwood.

One party Democrat control is failing Virginians: The Commonwealth’s recovery from the pandemic ranks in the bottom 10 among states, students are behind in school, violent crime has risen to 20-year highs, and much of government, like the Virginia Employment Commission and Department of Motor Vehicles, is broken.

Make no mistake about this – four more years of Far Left Democrat governance is going to turn Virginia into an eastern version of California and conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin is the only thing standing between Virginians and that disastrous fate. Those of us located in our headquarters in Virginia plan to vote for conservative Glenn Youngkin for Governor, and we urge conservatives statewide to do the same.

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Charles Wilkins

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