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GO BIG: How Conservatives Can Win with Bigger and MORE Organizations, Donors, and Money


TO: Conservative Activists/Leaders

FROM: Richard A. Viguerie

DATE: November 29, 2022

SUBJECT: My New Book – GO BIG: How Conservatives Can Win with Bigger and MORE: Organizations, Donors, and Money

Do you realize we’re in a spiritual civil war?

And liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists are winning.

They control the commanding heights of every major institution in America.

CRT is fast moving into lower and higher education including medical schools, now supporting radical gender identity surgery/ideology that’s helping to turn our children and grandchildren into liberal activists and voters.

ESG corporations’ (Environmental, Social, and Governance) control over 100 trillion dollars of assets.

National conservative/Republican leaders blew an opportunity to have a historic big election victory this past November 8th despite the fact that almost every issue that the Republican party supported lined up with voter concerns.

That’s why I wrote, GO BIG. Hopefully it will inspire hundreds of thousands of conservatives to help launch tens of thousands of new conservative organizations, encourage donors to greatly increase their support for good conservative leaders, candidates and for leaders of existing conservative nonprofits to grow their organizations 100-1,000%.

Since 1965, my company, American Target Advertising, has raised over $7 billion from 4 billion letters and received over 77 million donations for hundreds of conservative organizations.

Of all the things conservatives need, number one are leaders. That was true in the early days of the conservative movement (1960s) and it’s true in 2022. We need leaders who have a bold, entrepreneurial spirit, are risk-takers, strategic thinkers/planners with high energy.

For whatever reason, the good Lord has seen fit to provide the left with far more effective leaders than conservatives. We have lots of good spokesmen, talk show hosts, and journalists, but they are not political/ideological leaders organizing and attending regular meetings to plan and implement strategy to advance the cause of liberty/freedom under God’s laws.

In some ways conservatives are like the biblical Jews who had to wander through the desert for 40 years, until that generation of failed/flawed leaders had passed from the scene. Conservatives are not going to get to the political promised land until we get new (mostly younger) leadership at the local, state, and national levels.

We can do this, people. It’s not rocket science. I explain in GO BIG exactly what’s needed.

This is the only book I’m aware of that was written for the purpose of growing the conservative movement, especially conservative nonprofits, as well as increasing the number, skills, and effectiveness of conservative leaders.

In the 1960s through the middle of the 1980s, conservatives dominated grassroots marketing. However, today, the left is far, far ahead of us conservatives in grassroots marketing and that’s a major reason why even with the best political environment in the last 100 years for conservatives we did so poorly in this November 8th election.

ActBlue alone has raised over $11.5 billion since 2004 and has on file the names, addresses, and credit cards information of over 14 million liberal donors.

And if it continues for the next few years, in my opinion, it will be too late for conservatives to preserve the America most of us grew up knowing.

If you doubt me, how long can liberals continue with the following advantages before conservatives cease to be competitive in elections?

The left has 20,000+ single-issue nonprofits. Conservatives about 1,500.

The left has 21,000,000+ unique donors. Conservatives about 3,500,000.

The left’s nonprofits raise $20 billion+ yearly vs. $3.5 billion for conservatives.

In this year’s elections, Democrat candidates for Congress and Governor on average raised about 250% more money than their Republican opponents.

Democrats have turned important parts of our government into propaganda and enforcement agencies of the Democrat party including the military, CIA, IRS, and the FBI punishing those who disagree with their left-wing ideology.

Democrat political leader John Podesta, a former top aid to Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, is now in the Biden White House in charge of funneling yearly tens of billions of our tax dollars to left wing nonprofits. unions, Businesses.

Since the 1960s, left wing nonprofit organizations have yearly received billions of taxpayer dollars. However, in recent years the amount has grown to tens of billions of dollars yearly. Think Planned Parenthood, homosexual groups, environmental organizations, left wing colleges, etc., etc.

Big government Republican leaders continue to fail to present a vision of what a Republican congressional victory would mean for the voters.

The left controls every major institution in America, including Big Media, Big Tech, Hollywood, entertainment, national radio and TV, Big Business, Wall Street, unions, the nonprofit community, the legal community, higher and lower education, organized religion, and of course, the massive bureaucracy of government, including the Justice Department, the Military, IRS, CIA, FBI.

Most all elected Republican Congressional leaders are Big-Government Republicans, including Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Mitch McConnell, John Thune, and John Cornyn.

With the massive failures and socialist policies of the Biden White House and Democrat Congress, Republicans barely won control of the U.S. House of Representatives, failed to make any gains in the U.S. Senate, lost a net of 2 Governor races and lost control of 4 state legislatures. I can’t help but fear we are very close to the tipping point or maybe even past it.

But as people of faith, “we know that God makes all things work together for good for those who love him and who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

Again, as people of faith, we are not required to succeed, but we are required to be faithful, we must work as if all depends on us, but knowing it’s in God’s hands. There is a saying that I like: “God may not be early, but he’s never late.”

Conservatives remain faithful and GO BIG.

P.S. I expect to print a second edition of GO BIG, and will appreciate any comments you care to make, positive or negative, including pointing out any errors, etc. Please feel free to email me at

List of GO BIG Chapters:

1: How it All Began

2: Viguerie’s Four Horsemen of Marketing®

3: Brand Yourself, Brand Your Organization—Change Your Life, Change the World

4: Do you have a Tagline?

5: Brand Democrats and Govern America

6: Newt’s Four-Part Plan

7: Needed: 20,000 New Single-Issue Conservative Organizations

8: How and Why to Acquire New Donors

9: A Scary Look at Liberal Dark Money and Grassroots Marketing

10: Now, Here’s Some Good News

11: Nationalize the 2022 and 2024 Elections

12: “It’s the Primaries, Stupid”

13: The State of the Conservative Movement and What’s Needed to Win and Govern America

14: Internet Marketing

15: Viguerie’s Dos and DON’Ts of Marketing

16: What You Can Do to Save America

17: Some Firsthand Stories of How Conservatives Used Direct Mail to Build The Conservative Movement—And Win

18: Are You Being a Good Steward of Your Nonprofit’s Money?

19: 11 Big Mistakes Conservative Leaders Make

20: Going Big Safely within the Law (by Mark Fitzgibbons)

21: How to Grow 10x=1,000% (by Kathleen Patten)

22: American Target Advertising’s Past, Present, and Future Role in the Conservative Movement

23: A Call to Arms

  • Control of Congress

  • border security

  • economy

  • Republican establishment

  • Right to life

  • Critical Race Theory

  • illegal immigration

  • religious liberty

  • deep state

  • social conservatism

  • crime

  • Second Amendment

  • gun confiscation

  • free speech

  • censorship

  • student loan forgiveness

  • Biden welfare

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