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Six Battalions of the Red Chinese Army Have Crossed into the United States

Our friend former CIA operator Sam Faddis has alerted us to another attack on the United States that Joe Biden is apparently ignoring: According to CBP data Border Patrol agents encountered more than 4,200 illegal aliens from Communist China between October 2022 and February 2023, compared to roughly 1,900 in all of fiscal year 2022.

To put this in perspective, a Communist Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) infantry regiment has around 2,800 personnel and a battalion has 700. These numbers vary somewhat depending on the unit’s assignment and equipment.

However, those numbers apply to what one might call traditional units of the People’s Liberation Army.

According to a FY2000 US Department of Defense report to Congress, "Particularly since the 1991 Persian Gulf conflict, the PLA has devoted considerable resources to the development of Special Operations Forces (SOFs)... [Their] missions or tasks could include conducting reconnaissance and surveillance; locating or destroying C4I [command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence] assets, transport nodes, and logistics depots; capturing or destroying airfields and ports; and destroying air defense facilities." Because of Red China's limited satellite and long-range airborne reconnaissance capabilities, Peoples Liberation Army Special Operations Forces could fill an important intelligence gap for the Communists by performing essential strategic reconnaissance missions... According to Red Chinese sources PLA Special Operations units vary in size from 100 to 1000 personnel. The report, issued more than 20-years ago, suggests "[T]he development of the PLA’s special operations capability merits greater attention in the coming years."

Why are those numbers important?

Because the thousands of citizens of Communist China who have been entering the United States illegally over the past year are mostly military age single men.

And, as Sam Faddis documented, a lot about how they got here and why they are here doesn’t add up.

Mr. Faddis reports a Border Patrol agent speaking anonymously to the Daily Caller noted that Chinese nationals often pay between $15,000 and $30,000 to get to the U.S. border. “[The] majority of them have thousands and thousands of U.S. dollars,” the agent said. “FBI has been called down several times now.”

According to the Daily Caller, one route documented by the Border Patrol involved a group of Chinese who were brought to Istanbul, Turkey, where they obtained Mexican visas. The group flew to Mexico City posing as fake couples and then split off. Three men in the group flew to Reynosa, Mexico, while three women flew to Tijuana, Mexico.

For you John le Carré fans that’s what we call spycraft.

Michael Yon is America’s most experienced combat reporter. He is also a former Special Forces soldier. He has spent decades embedded with U.S. forces in dangerous places and spends most of his time these days south of our border tracking the flow of illegals into our country. He has been sounding the alarm about the torrent of Chinese headed our way for some time. In particular, he has been pointing out the large number of Chinese military-age males entering the United States, reported Sam Faddis.

According to Yon, “The Chinese are coming through here [the Darien Gap camp] in large numbers, about 200 per day and increasing, heading to the U.S.” Most of these are men of fighting age.

Mr. Faddis quotes Michael Yon’s very informed analysis of the nature of the Chinese military-age men he observes trekking north. He notes that they do not appear tired when they emerge from the Darien Gap a torturous stretch of jungle in which many migrants die. They are in Yon’s words “not farmers” and “not broke.” He says they seem to be trained and prepared for what they are experiencing. “I feel like I am at Fort Bragg.” “I feel like I am at the compound or something. Something is not right.” I know it when I see it.”*

Once across the border of the United States, they are turned loose with pieces of paper telling them to appear for hearings that are now being scheduled for years in the future. No one monitors them. No one will compel them to appear for these meaningless hearings.

The Red Chinese People’s Liberation Army of today is not the army of peasant conscripts that fought the United States in the Korean War. However, it remains the political army of the Chinese Communist Party, just as it was when it was formed out of the veterans of Mao Zedong Long March and victory in the Chinese Civil War that drove the Free China forces off the mainland to Taiwan. Today’s PLA is a highly motivated, politically committed force that aspires to peer status with the United States and is training to achieve that goal.

Extreme physical toughness and ideological commitment are hallmarks of the PLA’s elite units, such as their SOFs. Hiking the Darien Gap through Central America and dispersing to predetermined rally points to await instructions would be a weekend ruck for a PLA Special Operations Unit… or 42 100-man units.

As Sam Faddis observed, hundreds of fighting-age Chinese males are entering the country daily. We have no idea who they are or what they intend, and apparently, no one in the Biden administration intends to find out.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative that you demand an investigation into the vast numbers of Red Chinese citizens entering the United States illegally, to include a demographic breakdown of the individuals, and a background investigation documenting their education and military service.

* The comments about Fort Bragg and “the compound” are references to Yon’s Special Forces background.

George Rasley is editor of Richard Viguerie's and is a veteran of over 300 political campaigns. A member of American MENSA, he served on the staff of Vice President Dan Quayle, as Director of Policy and Communication for former Congressman Adam Putnam (FL-12) then Vice Chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee's Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs, and as spokesman for retired Rep. Mac Thornberry, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

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The CCP let loose a minor disease on the world so their Maoist/Socialist allies in the western democracies could gin up hysteria so they could change election procedures to make it easier to steal them. That is what happened to Australia, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, and of course the good ole USA. These nations are now basically Commie Chinese vassal states. The Maoist Commie/Socialist scum traitors who now head our country are just doing what are Commie scum do which is put their jack boots on the citizen's collective necks! SOCIALISM IS SLAVERY! My fellow Americans if you are to be a slave then be a Nat Turner or Spartacus.


May 18, 2023

When China invades Taiwan, the implanted saboteurs will assassinate officials, poison reservoirs, dynamite power stations, .... Then José Bidet will take a page out of his hero's book and round up all the Chinese in America and send them to Manzanar.


May 17, 2023

Mao took China with help from Stalin's agents in the State and Treasury departments: John Stewart Service, Sol Adler, Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, .... When Joe McCarthy exposed them, Truman defended them, issued secrecy orders to State and Treasury to keep McCarthy from learning more, moved files to the White House so State and Treasury could honestly respond "we have no such records" when Congress subpoenaed them. Then Democrats in Congress spent 95% of the time in hearings haranguing McCarthy and witnesses about how they came to know what they clearly did know, instead of worrying about what was revealed. Read "Blacklisted by History" by Medford Stanton Evans.

And Mao wasn't fighting the Japanese invasion. He was collaborating with…


Illegal Chinese immigrants does not seem to constitute an invasion of the Communist Chinese army. Like everything else political, exaggeration by either side. But this further illustrates Biden's open border policy. That is the issue.


Aside from all the other evidence, it is not possible that that many Chinese could have "escaped" from China and somehow also had the resources to get to Mexico. We are being invaded with the blessing of the Biden Administration and it isn't pretty. Lock and load!

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