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The Right Resistance: All any Washington swamp dweller would ever want for Christmas

It’s often mentioned that Christmas is the season for love and good cheer. Shortened work schedules, the kids off from school, lots of pretty lights and holiday sales should all theoretically put everyone in a good mood then, right?

It’s definitely not so in America today, however. With much of the country facing the prospect of a crushing blast of cold winter weather arriving this week and continuing through the Christmas holiday, there’s not much to look forward to in terms of outdoor activity. Stay inside, survive, eat lots of Christmas cookies and drink some festive good time concoctions and it will lighten the ambience.

Americans could use a dose of good news these days, since pessimism regarding the nation’s leadership is at its highest point in years, with most people now blaming senile president Joe Biden for the steep decline in attitudes. Despite Democrats outperforming most of the pundit class’s prognostications in this year’s midterm elections, the “credit” doesn’t appear to be going to the man in the White House himself. Stating flat out – citizens believe Biden’s made everything worse than before. Is anyone surprised?

In a piece titled “Voters: Biden has ‘made America worse’”, the always ahead of the curve Paul Bedard reported at the Washington Examiner:

“Just three years since voter optimism about the future of the nation peaked, many now believe that America’s best days are behind it and they blame President Joe Biden for snuffing out their hopes. In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey, just 38% said that the nation’s best days lie in the future, with 42% believing they have already passed…

“Rasmussen focused on Biden in the questioning, asking, ‘Generally speaking, has President Joe Biden made America better or worse as a nation? Or has Biden’s presidency not made much difference?’ Most, 47%, answered ‘worse,’ to 34% who said ‘better,’ said Rasmussen. Politics played a part in the answers, though Republicans were far more critical, with 70% answering ‘worse’ versus 57% of Democrats who said ‘better.’

“In its analysis, Rasmussen said, ‘Optimism about America’s future has declined sharply in the past two years, and nearly half of voters think President Joe Biden has made it worse.’”

In a similar survey three years ago when Donald Trump was president, 54 percent of participants indicated the country’s best days are ahead. Do you mean to tell me rampant inflation, scarcity of necessities and a broken border spewing tens of thousands of illegal aliens each day isn’t seen by well-informed people as better for us?

But oh yeah, the Biden agenda was designed to benefit America in the long run by combatting “climate change” and saving the planet from the ravages of the carbon burning human race. Who wouldn’t give a penny or two to have some more “global warming” right about now?

There isn’t a lot to be happy about with politics in late 2022. Senile Joe is in the White House for two more years and he will probably run for reelection. Generally speaking, lockstep voting Democrats have a pretty firm hold on the senate, which means more “woke” Democrat Biden nominees and appointees will be fairly easily confirmed and then preside over the nation’s bureaucracy until at least 2025. Meanwhile, Republicans have a House majority, but the likelihood of making reasonable policy gains with Kevin McCarthy at the helm as Speaker isn’t great.

Assuming it’s even possible to grant such a request, what would the top political figures of our time wish for? Can Santa Claus pack optimism into his oversized bag of goodies to carry on his sleigh this year? Will anyone rest easy during these long winter’s naps? Let’s give it a shot, shall we?

Donald Trump: Here’s thinking Donald Trump’s wish list would be long for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact he likes “stuff” and believes in his heart that he deserves whatever he’s given. From a material standpoint, Trump has everything he’d ever want, so the gifts we would send him are more of the goodwill kind.

The best thing anyone could wish for Donald Trump is a dedicated and loyal friend with common sense and smarts who would review every single one of Trump’s statements before they’re sent out on social media – or even from his mouth. With Trump’s lengthy list of policy accomplishments, he could be (should be?) the most popular politician of our present day. There’s so much to like, isn’t there?

Yet, as a family member pointed out the other day (by sending a screenshot of Real Clear Politics’ compilation of approve versus disapprove numbers), Trump is underwater by greater margins than any other pol except Mitch McConnell, with little prospect (or possibility?) of improvement.

Therefore, the best Trump could hope for is a new PR advisor whose job is to improve his public standing. Where would you buy such a person? It ain’t Karl Rove, that’s for sure. At the same time, Trump could use a case of January 6 Liz Cheney repellant, too.

Joe Biden: A bout of severe amnesia for son Hunter Biden.

Lots of government deep state actors have come down with sudden bouts of “I don’t recall” and “I don’t remember” since Donald Trump entered the political fray seven years ago. The current president can’t do much to soften the impact from Hunter Biden’s disastrously authentic laptop, but when the 50-something-year-old boy goes before the various House investigating committees next session, he could pretend that he doesn’t remember anything. The images will be flashing right before his eyes, but who’s to doubt Hunter’s veracity?

Democrats hooted and hollered when the stupid January 6 committee recommended criminal indictments of Donald Trump for his purported conduct on that afternoon. Might the same inquisitors look the other way when Hunter Biden goes before a similar tribunal?

Mitch McConnell: What better gift for “Cocaine Mitch” than to grow a spine?

The most unpopular national politician in America has managed to alienate well over half of Americans (based purely on unfavorable ratings), which means the Kentuckian has enraged a lot of Republicans in addition to nearly all Democrats. The “turtle” doesn’t get much love from either side when he capitulates time and again on issues ranging from the federal budget to Second Amendment rights. Giving half a loaf to Chucky Schumer in the spirit of “bipartisan” compromise hasn’t paid many dividends for the bespectacled establishment worm.

A new fostered steely spine would do wonders for McConnell. He should simply reply “no” to everything Chucky Schumer asks for and his favorable rating might tick up a few notches.

Kamala Harris: A new brain?

The legendary fairytale “The Wizard of Oz” demonstrated that it was possible for a person (or thing?) to ask for and receive a new thinker, so Kamala might send out feelers for a donor, or simply see whether her thought process can be adjusted via some other means. If Donald Trump could use a new PR oriented person for Christmas to help with his communications, then maybe Harris could do the same, the problem being Kamala can’t seem to retain staff in her office for more than a couple months at a time.

It is very possible that Kamala is beyond help or redemption, and no amount of training or education is likely to cure what ails her. Assuming that Santa is weighing all of these requests, Harris is almost certainly smack dab in the middle of the “naughty” list. The best she might hope for is a dirty lump of coal.

Nancy Pelosi: An unhappy retirement and a guilty conscience for decades’ worth of lies and truth-bending. And a Paul Pelosi-proof lock for her San Francisco front door.

Ron DeSantis: Acceptance from Trump supporters.

It’s true that Florida’s newly reelected governor is not a part of the DC swamp – yet -- but as a potential GOP standard bearer in 2024, he’ll need some luck to go along with his growing arsenal of accomplishments and talents. DeSantis displayed a remarkable penchant for attracting his state’s independents and Democrats in this year’s election, but can he expect the same on a national scale?

DeSantis should therefore wish that Donald Trump’s legions of loyal supporters will get behind him if and when he comes through the 2024 nominating process as the one anointed to battle Joe Biden in November. DeSantis would have a difficult time beating Joe with the traditional Republican base alone – and the backing of Trump’s MAGA movement will be crucial.

Washington DC politicians wish for a lot of things, but there’s only so much that’s possible for Santa to bring them or supporters to give to them. Christmas means many things to different people, and time will tell whether America’s political class learns the lessons the season has to offer. Ultimately, it’s up to us to hold them accountable.

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It is up to us to held them accountable?

How can we do that when we keep electing idiots like Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden, and both Bushes to the presidency . . . ?

Dream on . . .

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