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The Right Resistance: ‘Democracy’ the Biden Democrat way means they decide, you submit

Be honest, folks, would you hold it against senile president Joe Biden if he were tired?

The topic of Biden’s endurance came up last week after the current White House bumbler-in-chief appeared on the sometimes interesting -- when it’s not horrifically biased -- 60 Minutes program, whereupon host Scott Pelley described his interviewee’s demeanor: “As we spoke to the president, his Secretary of State was in Israel; his Defense Secretary was at a NATO meeting on Ukraine,” Pelley said. “America's oldest president seemed tired from directing all of this.”

“It had been a rough week and we could see it on him,” Pelley added.

My initial reaction to Pelley’s observation was to sympathize with the poor man (Biden), since he does have a lot on his proverbial plate and he is kinda broken-down and fatigued-looking, not simply because of his age (senile Joe will be 81 in less than a month) but because the weight of the world is on him. When Obama’s veep decided to run for president going on five years ago now, little could the simpleton from Scranton, Pennsylvania have figured that it would be this taxing.

These days, lots of people are constantly interrupting his naps, his dog has a biting problem (and so did the one previous to Commander) and his wife, “Dr.” Jill, must show little mercy to the tired man whenever the president begs her for permission to skip mounting another presidential campaign so he can just hang out at their beach house, eat ice cream and spend lazy afternoons driving his favorite corvette rather than stare at pictures of human rights atrocities that he himself helped foster by placating the Iranians.

That’s right -- leave the sifting through boxes of classified documents in his garage to someone else. What’s Hunter doing these days? Is he hooked on crack and hookers again? And as far as the shooting wars happening halfway around the globe are concerned, didn’t senile Joe already say stuff about how bad it all is and that America is deeply committed to dumping oodles of money into the meat grinder (in Ukraine’s case) and we’ll stay there until the job is finished?

Whereas the average person of senile Joe’s age and position in life has long since retired to environs much more hospitable to octogenarians than the DC swamp, and such retirees devote most of their free moments to activities that please themselves, Biden purposely opted to receive round-the-clock crisis briefings and give interviews to establishment media honks like Scott Pelley, who, let’s face it, would be much more intrigued by Biden committing another embarrassing gaffe than they would hearing Joe pontificate about Israel or Vladimir Putin or NATO or Iran, or… whether Joe really means it when he says he’s in the 2024 race for good.

Because those Republicans, well…? They just don’t believe in democracy the same way Democrats do! In an article titled “Ironic: Biden Says Republicans Don't Look at Democracy ‘The Same Way You and I Look at Democracy'”, Craig Bannister reported at recently:

“In Sunday’s interview, Host Scott Pelley invited Biden to blame ‘hard-right Republicans’ for putting the world in danger. [Pelley asked:] ‘The president is asking for billions of dollars for Israel and Ukraine, but Congress is paralyzed. Hard-right Republicans are obstructing the election of the speaker of the House. Does the dysfunction that we've seen in Congress increase the danger in the world?’

“’Yes. Look, this is not your father's Republican Party,’ Biden answered, before launching into, what he believed to be, a slur:

“’Thirty percent of it is made up of these MAGA (‘Make America Great Again’) Republicans who are mainly - democracy is something they don't look at it the same way you and I look at democracy.’”

Let’s get this straight. Pelley suggested that Biden looked tired, yet the Democrat chief wasn’t so put-off by current events and his job duties that he couldn’t get in a dig at his political opposition and then insinuate that Republicans don’t believe in “democracy” like liberals and establishment media talk show hosts do?

It wasn’t obvious from the transcript, but what exactly are Pelley’s views on democracy, since they’re supposedly, according to senile Joe at least, so apart from what Republicans believe?

One wonders if anyone ever forced Biden to re-watch one of his interviews or to explain what senile Joe meant by “democracy”, because it’s not detectable from his words alone. Recall how then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats described the United States Capitol building as a “Temple of Democracy” after the January 6, 2021 “tourism riot”, when many red, white and blue clad Trump supporters took part in a political protected speech protest, parts of which became violent and has since been described as an “insurrection” and a national disgrace?

Has senile Joe or Nancy Pelosi studied American history at all? It seems evident that the Founding Fathers intended to form a representative republic, not a democracy, because they sought stability and longevity for the nation they were creating. Whereas in a true “democracy”, citizens vote for everything – in a republic, we vie for people to represent our views in Congress (representatives, at least, senators were originally selected by state legislatures), and then they propose laws and vote on them.

So, then, what is it about the MAGA (Make America Great Again) agenda that Biden and his fellow Democrats maintain is so contrary to the values of democracy? Has anyone in the establishment media bothered to ask a liberal Democrat to explain what they were talking about when they claim Republicans are against democracy? The more time goes by, the greater the urgency to demand an answer.

If anything, Donald Trump was the clearest example of democracy’s possibilities, since he’d never run for office prior to 2016, had no organized political operation, hired a campaign manager (Corey Lewandowski) from out of nowhere and didn’t rely on an army of DC swamp political consultants to run his messaging effort. Trump didn’t disguise what he aimed to do – which was give the governing direction of the United States back to the American people themselves, essentially by decentralizing decision-making and dutifully enforcing the laws that were on the books.

Trump listened to the cries from regular people, the “forgotten Americans”, the ones who’d suffered the most from ill-considered government policies that hurt their lives the most by making bad trade deals favoring foreign businesses and governments over real Americans. Or by government’s failure to maintain America’s borders – allowing in unvetted terrorists (such as the Boston Marathon bombers) and waves of low-skilled illegal aliens to take their jobs, make their communities unsafe and crowd out American citizens for government services (schools, benefits) they were entitled to by law.

Trump further promised Americans that he wouldn’t send their sons and daughters into foreign conflicts that drain our country of young talent, workers to contribute to the social safety net programs (Social Security and Medicare, among others) and do little good for this nation’s true interests. The “Forgotten Americans” had grown tired of encouraging their children to serve in the military only to be sent – very un-democratically – into harm’s way for no reason.

Trump also assured Americans that he would appoint federal judges and Supreme Court justices who followed the original words and meaning of the Constitution rather than creating laws out of nowhere just because a liberal cause would be furthered by a ruling. In doing so, Trump bolstered democracy -- laws were to be made by individuals who were accountable to the people who elected them, not beholden only to those who appointed them.

Trump swore an oath that he would pursue an inclusive energy production policy, which would create domestic jobs, lower world energy prices and help citizens lead better lives by preserving their family incomes. Candidate Trump understood that nothing good comes from sitting on energy stores, and production could be done efficiently and cleanly – much more so than other entities with much less stringent regard for the environment.

Today, the MAGA agenda includes American consumers being given the choice on what kind of car to buy, or type of stove to use in their homes. Ridiculous “climate change” treaties wouldn’t limit the preferences of Americans under Trump. Again, the people decide, not the elites.

By the same token, what does “democracy” connote to senile Joe Biden and the Democrats? Does it involve federalizing elections, mandating universal mail-in ballots, denying state requirements for Voter ID, counting and counting votes without signature verification and allowing private individuals and entities (“Zucker Bucks”) to change the process to sway elections?

Or does Democrat “democracy” weaken requirements such as permitting non-citizens to vote and/or lowering the age of eligibility? Does Democrat “democracy” advocate for anyone being eligible to vote, regardless of citizenship status? If that’s the case, why bother conducting elections at all?

Does “democracy” label free speech as “disinformation?” Or command citizens to accept vaccines against their will?

Over the years, Democrats have been the ones objecting and suing and manufacturing votes until they got what they wanted – which was victory. Anyone remember how Al Franken managed to win his senate seat in Minnesota? Or Joe Biden the presidency three years ago? Wouldn’t someone who professes to value “democracy” clamor for full investigations of irregularities?

Democrats toss around the word “democracy” and claim to be protectors of the pure to fool and convince the gullible and uninformed to put them in power so as to steer policy towards the few and the wealthy, not to champion the masses like MAGA does. The Republican party is far from perfect as the recent kerfuffle over electing a House Speaker demonstrated. But Donald Trump and the GOP are much closer to authentic believers in “democracy” than the alternative.

Defending the defenseless is hard to sustain – no wonder senile Joe Biden is tired.

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