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The Right Resistance: Democrats’ summer dreams turning to delusions caused by heat stroke

We’ve all heard the saying “How low can he (or she) go?” The words are usually associated with rhetorical inquiries on the speculative floor of some deviant’s character, such as an alcoholic or drug addict, or even a sleazy, ambulance chasing trial attorney, or a Democrat member of Congress. Or the curiosity could just as easily be floated in conjunction with senile president Joe Biden’s steadily sinking approval ratings.

Today marks the arrival of the summer solstice, the first official day of the season where the sun reaches its highest annual point in the sky and folks in the northern hemisphere enjoy the most sunlight of any day of the year. It’s a terrific time for outdoor barbecues, picnics in the backyard or along your favorite waterway or just for chilling while taking in the “longest” sunset of the year.

But with the kids out of school, this occasion also initiates the summer travel season. Children and teens love that they won’t have classes or homework assignments for weeks on end, but their parents will have some explaining to do when those same young ones ask why the family vacation has been cancelled or confined to weekends at a nearby beach or lake because mom and dad can’t afford the five-dollar-a-gallon prices at the pump, not to mention the traditional jaunts to restaurants and movie theaters.

Kids are pretty smart these days and news travels fast via social media, but maybe they’ve also spotted an “I did that” sticker depicting our senile dolt president pointing to the big number reflected on the screen of gas dispensing pumps. Or, if the neophytes are really fortunate, their parents will have sat with them at the kitchen table and explained why the family’s shortage of money this year is directly related to the president’s and the government’s policies, that “climate change” is basically a hoax manifested by rich people to take power from poor people, and that political leadership at the top definitely makes a difference. What better way to get young folks engaged with politics? The practical lessons are all around us at this juncture.

This summer will no doubt feel like a long one for everybody. With the COVID hysteria finally died down and Americans feeling freer to live life again, we’re no longer seeing as many masked faces (though there are still quite a few) and people are returning to the public square to conduct business and… sometimes, have fun. In contrast to two years ago, it seems like the world is alive again. Was it the development of the Trump vaccines or simply a realization among citizens that the government authorities overdid the lockdowns?

I vote for the latter. But there’s politics to play, too. Dr. fuzzball Fauci himself tested positive for the bug last week. He barely got sick. I wonder why?

Speaking of highs and lows, on Donald Trump’s birthday, I presented a scenario whereby the 45th president decided not to pursue a second term but instead accepted an invitation from his likely successor as master of the Republican Party and purveyor of the MAGA agenda, Ron DeSantis, to fill the second slot on the GOP 2024 ticket as vice president.

Naturally, Democrats offer their own predictions, including one by a member of “The View” cast regarding the strength of their possible 2024 presidential ticket. Once again, you can’t make this stuff up. Victor Morton reported at The Washington Times:

“The ladies of ‘The View’ can’t wait for the 2024 dream ticket — Kamala and Mayor Pete. In a segment [last] Tuesday, co-host Sunny Hostin called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a murderous fascist (‘DeathSantis’ she deliberately called him) who would easily be defeated by that ticket.

“She said that if President Biden did not run for reelection, as a number of Democrats are speculating about or even hoping for, Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would be ‘great’ as a ticket.

“’Do you think they could win, really?’ asked co-host Joy Behar. Mr. Biden defeated both of them on his way to clinching the 2020 Democratic nomination. ‘Well, I would vote for them,’ Ms. Hostin gushed. ‘I hope this country is ready for something like that. I think the brain power alone would just obliterate [Donald] Trump or DeathSantis.’”

Brainpower? I confess that I’m not familiar with Ms. Hostin, but she must not possess any extra “brainpower” herself if she thinks this potential pairing of Democrats would dazzle folks by their smarts alone. Harris has such immense “brainpower” that she’s successfully alienated even the identity-politics crazed faithful of her own party, and Buttigieg? Have the cackling hags on “The View” heard anything about that little supply chain problem we’re having under the nose of senile Joe’s I-got-the-job-because-I’m-gay Secretary of Transportation?

With a name like “Sunny”, perhaps Ms. Hostin has already spent too much time outside this season. Heat combined with humidity makes one dizzy and impairs normal cognitive function, and “The View” personality clearly exhibits advanced symptoms of heat stroke, such as delusions. She should immediately seek an air conditioned (by fossil fuel powered electric generators) environment and drink water slowly to stave off permanent damage.

Aside from the ridiculous coupling that Hostin dropped during her airheaded prediction spree, isn’t she forgetting something? Senile Joe Biden is still the head of the party, and until he signals that he’s ready to step aside in favor of Kamala, Pete Butt, or anyone else, he’s still in charge of his own destiny.

It’s remarkable how Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the contempt for their own president lately. It seems like all the Sunday morning news show hosts are querying their Democrat guests on whether they’ll support Biden’s reelection campaign, a topic that’s a tad premature, isn’t it? It’s almost as though they’re supposing Biden either won’t make it to 2024 (this is where the actuarial tables figure in) or he’ll be supplanted by Harris due to the 25th Amendment.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Harris herself could be the catalyst of such a removal attempt, as the Constitution provides the vice president the authority to instigate an investigation into Biden’s fitness for office, and if she can recruit half of senile Joe’s cabinet to go along with her – and Congress to assent – then the scheme could conceivably succeed.

Kamala would then become president and she would run in 2024 as an incumbent, more or less. The House of Representatives would choose a vice president, and with today’s upside-down political environment, could very well elevate a schlep like Pete Buttigieg to be Harris’s right-hand LGBTQ man with the intention of preselecting the Democrats’ next presidential ticket without costly or reputation damaging primaries.

Bernie Sanders and other Democrat socialist radicals might not buy into the combo, but the party establishment would love it. What other partnership would be superior to attract the skin color and alternative sexual orientation worshipping Democrat base? They’d receive hours and hours of media coverage over the potential for the first black/Indian woman to be president, and how about the first male vice president-to-be married to a guy? Novelty galore! The glass ceiling would be history, with rainbows shining proudly overhead!

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson (the nation’s first two vice presidents), eat your ghostly hearts out! I bet these founders never considered there would be two men raising twin toddlers living in the vice president’s residence someday. The world certainly has changed!

Fascinating imagery aside, this Kamala/Butt ticket probably will never happen. First, there’s practically no way that Biden would ever agree not to run again unless he was assured of being able to anoint his own successor, and it wouldn’t be Harris. Judging by the fact Kamala has all-but disappeared off the administration’s radar screen recently, senile Joe’s folks aren’t wild about their backup quarterback.

Second, because Kamala’s approval ratings are even lower than Joe’s, the Democrat rank-and-file will be searching for a 2024 nominee who’s electable. Isn’t that why every liberal plugged their nose in 2020 and agreed to the broken-down swamp dwelling Obama default choice castoff Joe Biden in the first place? Kamala didn’t even make it to the first primary state in her own campaign. She was that detestable. She’s a loser!

Lastly, Pete Buttigieg almost certainly won’t be the party’s presidential or vice president candidate because he has nothing to run on – except the fact that he’s gay. Next time around, even Democrat voters will place substance at a premium, and “Mayor Pete” has none. He’s not a new face, either, which was his main selling point in 2020. How would the Democrat pros spin Pete Buttigieg into someone who can run the country if he can’t keep the trains running on time?

Democrats don’t care about resumes – Barack Obama proved that – but Buttigieg needs about twenty years of age to make himself look as though he didn’t just emerge from a college frat party.

Then there’s the matter of the Electoral College. Which of the key swing states would a Harris/Buttigieg combo steal from Trump and/or DeSantis? Are voters outside of the west coast and the northeast really that dumb?

Summer is here and Americans are ready to embrace the fun that goes along with long hot days and vacations away from the daily routine. Inflation plagues the nation, but citizens will do their best to deal with the conditions fostered by our failed political leadership. Prices will go higher, senile Joe’s approval rating will go lower and Democrats can keep fantasizing about beating the Republicans in 2024.

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