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The Right Resistance: Economics for Democrats – Defining the meaning of good paying jobs

For everyone who’s looked for a job – and I think this includes all of us over a certain age who aren’t already covered by legacy money – it’s safe to say nobody ever thought they were entitled to a situation just because an elected official claimed to have created one for them.

Most, if not all, politicians do it -- profess credit for fashioning employment opportunities where previously there were none. I’m pretty well-versed in history, but I doubt George Washington or Thomas Jefferson went around bragging about how their policies led to massive economic growth or visible prosperity for their early American republic constituents. No, these great men just set out to establish the nation’s proverbial feet under it, nurture liberty and freedom and defend the states against all threats.


So it’s perhaps odd that current president senile Joe Biden seems especially proud that he’s “created” x number of jobs during his years in the Oval Office. To be fair, Donald Trump has said similar things, but only one of the two has a legitimate right to his boasts.


Job seekers fill out applications, gather references and polish their resumes to try and get a “foot in the door”. Government has nothing to do with the initial efforts.


Senile Joe Biden swears he’s done all the work on the economy. But just like everything else with the 46th president, his claims are a fraud, beginning with his outright fabrications about so-called “green energy” and his party’s dumping hundreds of billions into pipedream companies and technology that will most likely never bear fruit.


In a column titled “Biden’s green energy: Biggest corporate welfare scam of all time”, Stephen Moore wrote at The Washington Times recently:


“It turns out that despite all the promises over the past decade about how renewable energy is the future of power production in America, the biggest tax dodgers in the country by far are the wind and solar power industries. Over the past several decades, the green energy lobby — what I call the climate change-industrial complex — isn’t paying their fair share. That’s because the vast majority of these companies pay almost no income taxes.


“But they wade in rivers of federal direct and indirect subsidies that keep these zombie companies alive. Over the past two decades, the renewable energy lobby has collected more than a quarter-trillion dollars in subsidies — payments that we’ve been assured over and over would be temporary. The argument for these grants, loans, tax abatements, and other sweetheart deals is that these were ‘infant industries’ in need of a head start program for CEOs. Except these companies have never even reached puberty after all these years…


“What have we gotten for this mountain of taxpayer funded green energy largesse? Nothing, really. We still get 80% of our energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power. Wind and solar are stuck at less than 10%. This is some investment we’re making.”


Sounds like a growth industry, doesn’t it? As along as government keeps the greenies afloat pursuing their Don Quixote-windmills, that is. The jobs for these places are basically government work, aren’t they?


Besides, when you hear someone – even a politician – say that Americans need good paying jobs, what does the term really mean?


To define it, Democrats automatically resort to their default position, which is, a “good paying job” is any such status where a person has to get up in the morning, or afternoon, or evening and report to a job site, assume their desk or work station or outdoor gardening tools or paint brushes and start toiling away with the end goal being a paycheck whereby he or she can buy food, pay bills, save or devote their well-deserved loot towards something fun and entertaining. Or cut a check to the tax man.


It's a nice image, isn’t it? Almost seems like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.


And of course, to Democrats, a “good paying job” includes everything related to the government itself hiring someone and having them fill out paperwork for benefits and withholdings, a retirement plan, whatever – a pampered taxpayer-funded position from which they will probably never leave because one, they’re dependent, and two, there’s very little incentive for such persons to excel or to spend endless hours worrying about being fired for lack of measurable performance.


Needless to say, government hiring has shot way up under the reign of senile Joe Biden and his faux drive to create “good paying jobs” that he can order federal bean counters to report to him for a press release touting how great he’s doing as president. It’s all an illusion, mind you, but what do the ignorant rubes in the masses really know about anything?


In reality, creating “good paying jobs” actually means fostering the economic conditions from which employment circumstances can exist. A president can’t tell a private company or a small business owner to act without even trying, as though engaging in commerce is some altruistic charitable contribution to society or something. Entrepreneurs don’t act for societal benefits alone. No, they desire an operation that makes money and turns a profit for them. They hire people to do the work, and if those persons do a good job and make themselves valuable, they are paid well.


In essence, a private “good paying job” will not remain filled for long if the employee doesn’t feel valued or compensated in relation to his or her abilities.


I know a 20-something man who has worked in the HVAC/trades business for years, ever since high school. In an industry where competent/skilled help is in extremely high demand, this individual has left several positions to move to companies where the pay is higher. Why? Because he can do it. He understands that what he could offer other companies will motivate their managers to pay what he’s worth.


That’s what a “good paying job” amounts to. Gainful employment doesn’t mean that a government swamp grifter like senile Joe Biden can create them by goading Congress to appropriate more billions of dollars for stupid boondoggles like green energy. The concept of renewables is nice, isn’t it? To surmise that human beings can merely harvest the sun’s energy or the earth’s wind power (same thing, isn’t it?) to supply all the electricity that modern living requires is awesome. It also sounds like the “renewables” idea was dreamed up during a brainstorming session in a university faculty lounge.


There are the couple “renewable” energy notions that actually do produce usable power – nuclear energy and hydroelectric (dams to the unenlightened, pardon the pun), but liberals don’t want those technologies. Nuclear facilities generate waste that isn’t easily stored and hydroelectric construction is unsightly to the birds and fish around them, so why store all the water that otherwise could flow into the ocean? Sarcasm is called for sometimes.


More to the point, don’t nuclear facilities and building dams also create lots and lots of “good paying jobs”? That’s not to mention the millions of personnel in the fossil fuel industries, harvesting the oil and gas, building pipelines, manning (or womaning?) the refineries, gas station owners, propane truck drivers, etc. that are required to make the engine run, so to speak?


Further, there’s one line of thought that the only thing government needs to set the wheels in motion to generate a plethora of “good paying jobs” is simply to do nothing. That’s right, reduce or eliminate government’s role in the economy and let Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand do all the laboring. It’s kind of a neat thought, pure capitalism at work.


Need a visual? Hippy free spirit Kunu tried teaching the novice main character Peter Bredder to surf (in the classic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall) by telling him to do “nothing” and let his instincts take over. This is the proper way to create “good paying jobs” – and also to surf! Paraphrasing Kunu, “Don’t try to create jobs. Just do it.”


How? Begin by slashing the federal register in half (a good start). Take Vivek Ramaswamy’s suggestion to vastly curtail the federal bureaucracy. Impose term limits on government civil servants -- they can only serve for a short period until they’re set free on the economy to create wealth, not spend the tax collections from the welfare state.


Plus, eliminate entire federal departments, downsize and consolidate the deep state, relocate federal agencies to various parts of the continent to service the constituencies they handle… etc. In other words, wrap government into a tight little box and turn everyone else loose to create those “good paying jobs” that politicians always talk about.


In the 2024 campaign, Donald Trump appears to understand this. Trump talks much more about how people should and will be empowered under his administration to realize their own dreams, which will in turn lead to many more receiving the benefits of their creativity. Senile Joe Biden talks about higher taxes on the productive class to pay for more government fixing of outcomes. Which one has the superior vision?


As is true for most federal elections, this year’s choice boils down to what each voter envisions government’s role should be in their own lives. Democrats and senile Joe Biden would have the elitist bureaucrat class making all the decisions, dumbing industries down to fit the lowest common denominator. Donald Trump would let the people decide for themselves.


That’s the best way for everyone to find their version of a “good paying job”.

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