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The Right Resistance: Halfway to a hundred days, Joe Biden’s America teeters on disaster

Being president is hard, isn’t it? Or to further clarify, being Joe Biden and being president at the same time is mighty demanding.

Sure, no one in conservative Republican-land has forgotten about how hard it was for Donald Trump during his political career. Considering the trying times weren’t all that long ago, it’s easy to recall how intensely the left and their media allies hated the 45th president. They threw the #MeToo book at him. They labeled him a racist from the get-go. They asserted he wasn’t fit to be president because once he’d used “locker room talk” on a bus with TV tabloid journalist Billy Bush. They scorned him for allegedly fat-shaming Alicia Machado. They relentlessly accused him of corruption, illegalities, being mean to his staff and, probably worst of all, for having a styled hairdo with orange spray-tan skin.

No one should have to endure such an onslaught.

The same people said Trump worked with America’s most distrusted enemy to beat Hillary Clinton. They investigated him non-stop. They pinned a tax cheat label on him. They claimed he purposely repelled people to govern the country solely for his own benefit. They suggested that he killed hundreds of thousands of Americans through not taking the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. They pointed fingers with reference to his removing mailboxes before the election to deprive citizens of their ability to vote against him. They snarled about his befriending dictators.

They didn’t like his wife. They despised his family. They accused him of making money off his position (through his worldwide commercial enterprises) and didn’t advance him an ounce of credit for serving for free (while donating his salary to various charitable causes). They said he degraded the dignity of the office. They screamed that he hid things from the public even though he talked more to the press than any president ever had.

It goes on and on and on. But man, that Trump guy sure could make good policy, couldn’t he? A million tweets an hour and all the bird dung hurled at him from the media couldn’t take away from his record. “Happy Days are here again” was written way back in 1929, but for at least one presidential term, we contemporary Americans understood what it meant.

Now that the shoe (bath robe slipper?) is on Democrat Joe Biden’s gnarled old foot, the Trump haters are discovering for themselves that it ain’t necessarily easy to be the man in the Oval Office, the center of attention and the one accountable for executing the duties of president. Joe Biden was sworn-in some fifty days ago. We’re halfway to a hundred and thus far his presidency has been an unmitigated disaster.

How bad is it? Even teenaged climate activist brat Greta Thunberg dissed on Joe’s efforts. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times:

“Speaking to MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, the 18-year-old Swedish activist refused to give the Biden administration a letter grade on its efforts to combat the crisis.

“’You shouldn’t take that from me, I’m just a teenager, so I don’t have the mandate to sort of give grades like that,’ she said. ‘My opinions on this doesn’t matter. You should rather look at the science and whether his policies are in line with the Paris agreements and to stay below 1.5 or even 2 degrees Celsius, and then you can clearly see that, no, it’s not nearly enough in line with the science,’ she continued. ‘And that’s not me saying it, that’s just black and white, looking at the facts.’…

“Ms. Thunberg, who tweeted her support for Mr. Biden‘s presidential run in October, [added], ‘I understand that it’s difficult and, to be honest, I would not want to be in a politician’s position right now — I can’t imagine how hard it must be. But I would just like him to treat the climate crisis like a crisis.’”

As a side, note, Thunberg’s blonde hair and blue eyes could be interpreted as racist in the woke universe, couldn’t it? Plus, she doesn’t apologize to the oppressed for looking like she does. Isn’t this a contradiction?

At any rate, ain’t it great for Grampa Joe to realize he still has the climate kooks’ full support even though they apparently believe he hasn’t devoted sufficient attention to it? With the stroke of his pen Biden cancelled the Keystone pipeline as well as re-joined the inane Paris Climate Agreement and announced unachievable goals for eliminating fossil fuels in the U.S. by mid-century. And it isn’t adequate for them. They’re accusing him of not taking it seriously enough.

So what that the “economics” disagrees with “science.” Green energy is now and likely always will be more expensive than plentiful oil and natural gas. Being forced to buy it, the poor will suffer. Their homes will be colder and their monthly budgets shrunk for absolutely zero personal benefit. If the climate cools by a degree or two in x number of years (a dubious proposition at best), how grateful will the unemployed feel?

Besides, bringing in John Kerry didn’t make them happy either? The extremists evidently require Biden to behave in a dictatorial manner and act without Congress to obey “science” and pass out orders at a greater rate. If Grampa Joe works any swifter, they’ll need to double the staff at every federal agency to ride a lot of exercise bikes and generate more electricity, won’t they? Or perhaps they can fix a contraption to a hamster wheel and just breed a lot of pet rodents to run in perpetuity. Think this couldn’t happen? It could if “science” backed it!

Speaking of pets and the difficulties of governing, poor Grampa Joe. Even his dog, “Major” has been banished from the White House (back to Delaware for you, buddy!). Major hauled off and bit someone. Bad dog! Biden’s other dog, Champ, had to go too. Maybe Hunter can watch them while the “big guy” is away!

Returning to seriousness, Thunberg’s critique demonstrates the trouble Biden encounters whenever he attempts to satisfy his leftist constituencies. Not even signing the employment death warrants of tens of thousands of Americans placated them. Neither did the Texas ice storm a couple weeks ago, which ceased energy production from all of the “clean” sources (and eventually, the traditional sources, too).

Simultaneously, the southern border situation is spiraling hopelessly out-of-control.

Further, lead Biden press representative Jen Psaki can’t get anything straight, repeatedly saying she’d have to “circle back” to address a topic. The reason Psaki doesn’t know anything is because her boss doesn’t know anything and they both must get it straight from the issue managers or else face the wrath of angry liberal interest groups who accuse him of not taking their cause seriously.

Biden and company asked for it. As 2020 demonstrated, confining yourself to your basement to campaign for president didn’t prove very taxing, but now that Grampa Joe -- and his media minions -- managed to nudge Trump out of office, the actual governing part is arduous. It’s often said that houses built on sand cannot stand -- and neither can presidencies mounted on flimsy lies and distortions.

Joe Biden has been a disaster. How many days left until 2024?

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Your last question is irrelevant. Joe will be gone soon, probably before Memorial Day. We need to worry more about what the Marxist Kamala will do to the country from now until 2024.

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Jay Robison
Jay Robison
11 mar 2021

It's only a matter of time... likely a very short time, before VP Harris invokes the 25th Amendment to oust Biden from the Oval Office and has herself installed in his place.

Mi piace
Jay Robison
Jay Robison
11 mar 2021
Risposta a

It's been painfully obvious for some time that it was planned that way. Biden was picked because leftist democrats who control that party, knew that the other candidates in the democratic primaries did not appeal to undecided and independent voters and that Biden looked more electable, but was not a viable potential president as he's amply demonstrated.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
11 mar 2021

Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Federal government designed to bankrupt our country. Several overseas locations altered our election process and has been manipulated by locations in numerous foreign countries all designed to steal the American election results. Our State voting laws had been broken in several key States knowing the voting laws were deliberately broke laws to assist in this process. This could have been stopped but the key players within our government for money and power were also players in this game of cyber attacks. The Biden's have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, two hundred million plus, ask Hunter, this virus was designed to set the beginning of…

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