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The Right Resistance: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Get over yourself’ advice only applies to Democrats

If you’ve ever felt insulted when someone in your sphere, who theoretically should know better, tells you to “Get over yourself” – then you understand how millions of Americans

who were so admonished by 2016 loser Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton felt last week.


Anyone with a modicum of historical recall should surmise that the person who needs to “get over” anything at all is the Crooked one herself. The same could also be said for wooden “climate change” alarmist Al Gore after the 2000 “dangling chad” Florida recount fiasco, as well as including just about every other Democrat dreamer who’s ever attempted to compress leftist dogma into a small enough box to present to voters as government solutions to real government-created problems.


Democrat politicians being what they are, there’s plenty of advice being bandied about these days. Hillary Clinton is just dispensing more than her share. In an article titled “Hillary Clinton to voters upset over Biden-Trump choice: ‘Get over yourself’”, Tara Suter reported at The Hill:


“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told voters who are upset over a November choice between President Biden and former President Trump to get over themselves ... ‘Get over yourself,’ Clinton responded when comedian Jimmy Fallon asked what she would say to voters ‘upset’ about the choice they face in the 2024 presidential election, during his late-night NBC program Monday, in a clip highlighted by Mediaite.


“’Those are the two choices,’ Clinton continued. Clinton continued with a comparison between the candidates, conceding that they were both ‘old.’ ‘One is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart and really cares about people,’ Clinton said, describing Biden.


“The other, she said, ‘is old and has been charged with 91 felonies,’ referring to the legal woes Trump has and continues to face.”


Gee, it’s almost as though HRC has forgotten the multitude of legal woes that has followed her for decades, before her husband took office in the 90’s, during his tenure as president – impeachment, anyone? – Monica Lewinsky, bimbos and strippers, the Clinton Foundation’s crooked associations, Jeffrey Epstein and email-gate, among others.


Don’t forget that it was Trump, upon being elected president (and during the transition period) who announced that he wouldn’t be pursuing any kind of criminal sanctions against the former Obama secretary of state. No, Trump wished that the matter be left for the people to make their own judgments regarding the degree of Crooked Hillary’s culpability. What good would it have done to have the woman languishing behind bars?


Of course, when it came to Democrats in power, they showed no such legal magnanimity towards their former opponent, which has led to the trumped-up charges facing Trump now. Old hag Crooked Hill can’t get herself to express some sort of contrition towards Trump, but no one would expect her to do so. Big Bubba Bill is still connected to any number of scandals related to his ever-opened zipper and his wife pretty much does things solo these days, including appearing on liberal talk shows like The Tonight Show.


Instructing Americans to “get over” the two-candidate choice might be a sign that the Washington Democrat establishment is finally getting used to the fact senile Joe is the party’s best hope this year, the most recent slight uptick in polls showing him gaining a point or two in some spots, providing them hope that perhaps Biden still possesses a trace of political magic left in his faltering body. Even if senile Joe can’t remember anything else, he still knows how to lie!


As has been stated many times, all Democrats need is Joe Biden the figurehead available to fulfill his ceremonial role – and the Obama/Biden administration handlers will do the rest! Dr. Jill, too. She’s at least as besmirched as the rest of ‘em.


I still maintain that Crooked Hillary’s regular appearances in various establishment media forums is about far more than just her making the rounds chewing the fat with familiar liberal celebrities like Jimmy Fallon or other good-natured efforts to try and redeem her heavily damaged reputation after blowing a 2016 election that everyone still says was hers to win – and she choked.


Don’t forget that a large segment of the Democrat world still blames Hill for working the 2016 campaign too lightly and her failure to take the Trump threat seriously after eight years of saintly Barack Obama who all-but handed a third term to her to safeguard until the Big O’s wife or someone like him could once again steer the ultra-leftist levers of power.


Obama himself would’ve never – I repeat never – willingly conceded that bumbling idiot senile Joe Biden would’ve been gifted with his legacy of transformative power. Sure, Biden could be easily manipulated and told by strong hands and voices – in Jedi-mind trick fashion -- that whatever he was told to do was what he would do, but, as Obama himself quipped, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f--- things up.”


It could easily be argued that Crooked Hillary was the Big O’s handpicked successor, because it was Barack himself who persuaded senile Joe to sit the 2016 Democrat primary out so as to allow for an easier path for the hair sniffin’, nude swimmin’, back slappin’, senate staffer molestin’, shoulders massagin’, child repellin’ and ethnic minority insultin’ Biden to transition into political obscurity without ever needing to worry about running for president.


Realistically speaking, Democrats figured that Crooked Hill’s 2016 triumph would’ve just been a prelude to her 2020 reelection campaign, which would cement both the Clinton and Obama mindset into government forever. After all, Democrats could always count on Obama’s amnesty program to eventually lead to a permanent liberal majority by ensuring newly franchised illegal aliens from abroad would demographically crush anything the racist, law enforcement-minded Republicans could come up with.


Democrats would swamp their opposition in living, breathing demographics. Who cares if the lawbreakers actually possessed green cards or legal documentation. Voting rights! Voting rights!


But somehow, the Obama/Clinton plan went haywire. It’s safe to say Democrats bet big on Republicans choosing another rubber stamp establishment GOPer like Jeb Bush in 2016 to carry the banner forward as long anticipated. Republican bluebloods like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Paul Ryan were aghast by the early poll success of outsider Donald Trump along with other non-ruling class adherents Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.


What was happening? Didn’t the people get it? Shouldn’t Republicans have just gotten over it and figured that the “way it’s always been” (at least since Ronald Reagan) was just how it was supposed to be? Instead, Trump went around bashing the Bush presidential years – both of them – and sounded a lot more like populist/conservative Ronald Reagan than the go-along-to-get-along types that had dominated the party for so long.


Even worse for Democrats, Hillary’s once insurmountable poll lead began shrinking closer to voting crunch time, particularly when the Deep State’s Jim Comey reopened his investigation into Crooked Hill’s emails shortly before Election Day. This time the “October Surprise” was on them. Trump then broke through the proverbial blue wall in upper Midwest states that hadn’t gone Republican since Reagan’s replacement won them in 1988.


With Trump’s ascendance and acceptance by the “forgotten Americans”, it ended the Democrat party’s stranglehold over the working class – those people without college educations who actually did the work of the toiling people. Obama had received a majority of their votes during his elections, but somehow, the Republicans’ moving away from the Romney country club/business class sent a signal that it was okay to vote for the GOP, just as they’d done in the eighties.


Nevertheless, Hillary somehow rehabilitated her political reputation and hung around during the Trump years, sniping from the sidelines and biding her time while senile Joe Biden took his turn in 2020, greatly aided by the absurd COVID pandemic lockdowns and mail-in voting. The combination allowed Biden to sneak through under questionable circumstances.


Now Biden is “back” – again, apparently never having given in to those claiming that his age and dilapidated cognitive condition disqualified him from a second term. By suggesting that voters should “just get over themselves” while refocusing on the Democrats’ lawfare witch hunt, liberals might actually be coming around to accepting that Biden will be the guy – and that Trump is beatable.


I still believe, in the recesses of Crooked Hillary’s wine-soaked brain that she’s holding out hope that she could be tapped to serve as a “White Knight” candidate if/when Biden provides a brain freeze moment from which he can’t recover from. Clinton doesn’t roundly dismiss the age matter – she’s said it’s a legitimate issue – but she’s downplayed it in just the right ways.


The same could be said for the Obamas – specifically Michelle Obama – but Lady O has never run for office of any kind and, according to people who know her, has no stomach for the political game. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has more stomach for the political mosh pit than Chris Christie standing perched above a buffet table.


Would she ever get the chance? Doubtful, but better to be primed and ready if the opportunity arises rather than reject the possibility before it materializes, right?


Never rebuff a job before it’s offered. It’s in the interviewer’s handbook.


If Hillary were to reassume the nominee’s role, she could rightly remark that folks would no longer need to “just get over yourself” – Clinton’s done it all before, and her brand of evil is arguably more lethal to the country because she’s still got all her faculties and therefore could go toe-to-toe with Donald Trump in debates.


We probably shouldn’t make too much of Hillary Clinton’s unsolicited advice to “get over yourself” to those still objecting to this year’s Biden/Trump presidential election rematch. Beneath the surface lies a real black and white difference between the candidates and their agendas and worldviews. Crooked Hillary should know all about negative approval ratings, after all.

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