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The Right Resistance: Obama’s 2017 political forecast persuaded the media to hound Trump

Barack Obama is a smart guy. As conservatives, we can even stipulate to the fact.

And I’m not just talking about The Big O’s educational pedigree, which most would consider impressive by historical standards (or least by how folks used to place enormous value on Ivy League educations at Columbia University and Harvard Law School). If you further doubt, contrast the golden-tongued first black president with the simpleton senile shuffling doofus who now resides in Obama’s former preeminent public housing quarters – The White House – and I’m sure you’d agree that Barack possesses more than his share of above the shoulder neurons.

How people use their aptitude is what separates the super intelligent from the merely gifted, however. I think most Americans would admit that former president Donald Trump is also a pretty brainy individual, even if his enemies swear that he’s all ego and emotion and no substance. Trump used his instinct and abilities to try and cultivate more freedom in this nation through a relentless public relations campaign to Make America Great Again. That’s a good thing.

Obama, on the other hand, employed his substantial intellectual talents to reward his friends and party members in order to increase the power of the state vis-à-vis the people. Put another way, he forced his “woke” liberalism down our throats. This is bad.

It wasn’t revealed until recently, but before Obama left the presidency in January of 2017, he shared some personal predictions with a gaggle of carefully selected media friends. Eight years of traveling the planet spreading his vision of a new and more aggressive socialist-style government fostered dystopia had broadened the 44th president’s horizons even further, so much so that he felt empowered to forecast the future and sought to impart his wisdom on those of us who simply see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears.

As I’m often caught saying these days, you can’t make this stuff up. In a report titled “Obama's private prediction for Trump presidency revealed”, Rachel Schilke wrote at the Washington Examiner the other day:

“After the election, Obama said he was most worried about preserving the democratic process so that if people are dissatisfied with any elected official's performance, ‘that dissatisfaction expresses itself.’ ‘I think four years is OK,’ Obama said. ‘Take on some water, but we can kind of bail fast enough to be OK. Eight years would be a problem. I would be concerned about a sustained period in which some of these norms have broken down and started to corrode.’

“Obama warned reporters that the media were not credible in the public eye and that they needed to ‘focus’ when it came to reporting on Trump.

“’I think if you're jumping after every insult or terrible thing or bit of rudeness that he's doing and just chasing that, I think there's a little bit of a three-card Monte there that you have to be careful about,’ Obama said. ‘I think you have to focus on a couple of things that are really important and just stay on them and drive them home.’”

Notice how Obama didn’t say that Ted Kennedy should drive them home (and hence, end up in an air bubble inside a car at the bottom of a creek), but Kennedy had already been dead eight years by that time. Okay, enough of jokes… but I couldn’t resist.

Yes, the one who would heal the American nation and stop the rise of the oceans warned of a possible corrosion in “rights” when Donald Trump called the shots. Obama was likely referring to the transformation that was set in motion during his time in office and he was desperately worried that Trump would turn back the clock to a time when legislators legislated, executives executed (the law) and citizens generally accepted that government (kind of) did what it was supposed to do.

There’s more to Schilke’s report on what Obama hypothesized and I definitely recommend reading the entire article if you have time. Barack basically suggested that Republicans “had no shame” in ignoring Trump’s personal snafus, and that if the same things had come up during his own two terms that Democrats would have been all over him calling him out for every little transgression.

This is typical Democrat blind arrogance and denial about their own circle-the-wagons tendencies and tunnel vision that won’t permit them to simply look in the mirror and see a sinner staring back at themselves. Need a face to see it? How about Adam Schiff. And big bubba Bill Clinton. How many Democrats condemned Obama’s Democrat predecessor for using the Oval Office as his own personal rent-by-the-hour cheap motel room?

Democrats came to Obama’s aid and fierce defense every time there was any inkling that the man was corrupting the country by dividing it by race, a virtual slow cultural burn that surfaced in numerous riots during Obama’s days at the helm. Anyone remember Trayvon Martin? “Hands up, don’t shoot!”? “The police acted stupidly”? Eric Holder’s “voter suppression” baloney?

And the best one of all, when Obama and his media pals claimed that his was the cleanest, most transparent administration of all-time, a scandal-free moment in history unparalleled by other, lesser humans who once called 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

Obama apparently also worried that Trump wouldn’t carry on the liberal global movement to make the world gay – or at least to force he and his ilk’s sense of “woke” values on civilizations and religions that have been around for thousands of years. Talk about no shame. Imagine having the gall to lecture Christians about “acceptance” and “tolerance” regarding homosexual unions. (Question: why don’t Democrats ever get after Muslims for their views on same-sex relationships?) Or to demand that the world accept “climate change” as real and then insist that everyone alter their fossil fuel burning ways because of it. Why be warm? Or cool? Or grow food? Or harvest the ocean? What a catastrophe for the earth!

But it was Obama’s admonition to the media to keep an eye on Trump that displayed the most hutzpah. First of all, why is an outgoing president giving advice to the supposedly “impartial” news media about what they should be doing? Do you think Donald Trump held a similar heart-to-heart with representatives from CNN, the Washington Post and “All the news that’s fit to print” New York Times before heading to Mar-a-Lago? Maybe Trump should have followed Obama’s example and held his own forecasting session.

And what exactly did The Big O mean by expressing concern over “preserving the democratic process”? Keep in mind this was nearly four years before the error-corrupted 2020 election with its COVID-mandated mail-in balloting, state legislatures shrinking from their duty to ensure a clean election, the “keep counting until Democrats win” strategy in several states along with a mountain of overlooked and ignored evidence that significant shenanigans occurred on Election Day.

In Democrat-land, “democracy” translates to electing liberal candidates no matter the circumstances. But more than likely Obama was alluding to the then-emerging contemporary reports of “Donald Trump’s Russian collusion” and the fruits of the deep state’s phony “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” without spelling it right out for the journalists. No, a plethora of leaks would take care of any doubt that the “democratic process” had been compromised by Trump winning the election.

Obama tasked the media with making sure it didn’t happen again in 2020. Mission accomplished!

Yes, Obama really is a smart guy and a master manipulator. Recall how, during the 2020 campaign, he and wife Michelle jumped on the “Donald Trump mismanaged the COVID crisis and is responsible for thousands of deaths” nonsense that Biden was propounding. Barack – and all Democrats – are the shameless ones who take advantage of every national emergency to bend, twist and contort the truth to make themselves look better.

It's what liberals do. To them, the ends always justify the means. It’s how Democrats can pass hundreds of billions in new spending, hire 87,000 new IRS Agents, pour money down a rabbit hole in the name of “climate change” and go around labeling conservatives, parents and patriotic Americans as racists, sexists, bigots and “semi-fascists” for questioning their sinister aims.

Obama and his cohorts can’t win arguments on the evidence and the merits, so they demonize opponents and brand them with noxious labels intended to sway the gullible and uninformed among the American voter pool. The Obamas were masters of the technique, and they’ve managed to keep themselves in the national conversation, too.

As I’ve said, Barack Obama is a smart guy. Unlike other past presidents who largely retired from public view after leaving office – or at least the Bush presidents did – Obama has purposely kept himself in the limelight. Be it through occasional interviews, media coverage surrounding the mask-less 60th birthday party at his Martha’s Vineyard seaside estate, or popping in every now and then to check up on his ol’ buddy senile Joe, the former president and his ego just can’t let the past rest.

It could be that both he and Michelle are keeping the family political brand alive to bust open a window for her/them to launch another presidential run in 2024. Given the complete lack of depth on the current Democrat bench, it’s easy to see how whispers of another Obama candidacy could be in the works.

And Michelle Obama is just as smart as her husband. How else could they have maintained the “great unifier” ruse all this time?

Being gifted intellectually isn’t always a prerequisite to success in American politics – look at our current president – but Barack Obama took his considerable smarts and turned himself and his brand into a lasting liberal political dynasty. And this makes him dangerous to those who believe in the cause of liberty. Obama’s 2017 “predictions” almost all came true. What else should we be worried about?

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 11, 2022


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 09, 2022


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Oct 08, 2022


"The Big O’s educational pedigree, which most would consider impressive by historical standards (or least by how folks used to place enormous value on Ivy League educations at Columbia University and Harvard Law School)."

Um. Where are his academic records? As far as I can tell, they are still locked up. Also, why is it that no one who knew him at the time he allegedly attended those institutions has said so? Is he really that smart, or is the better term cunning? Beware! This guy isn't finished yet. Like the current gonzo in the White House, it seems likely that Obama, if he attended those institutions, finished near or at the bottom of his class. What yo…


Oct 06, 2022

All the more reason the GOP should investigate this man Obummer and throw his name in the septic tank of history.

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