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The Right Resistance: Phony signs of Democrat hope and the fallacy of a senile Joe Biden comeback

It seems like we’ve been talking about comebacks a lot lately.

Of course, there was the Easter season where the biggest “return” of all took place a mere two-thousand years ago. Then, more contemporarily, there was former President Donald Trump’s triumphal walk through the 2024 Republican presidential primary nominating race – if you can call it that. Trump was akin to a one-horse horserace practically the entire time, regardless of second place finisher Nikki Haley’s contentions otherwise.


Then there’s the current president, the eternally embattled senile Joe Biden, a man so corrupted, incompetent, enfeebled and basically unaware that he can barely keep from tripping over himself. Biden delivered his shockingly angry and confrontational State of the Union address just over a month ago (on March 7) and apparently received a bit of a bounce in both fundraising and opinion polls (an increase of a couple points) from it.


This despite Biden’s angry tone, factually challenged arguments, refusal to bend to the will of the people on a host of perplexing problems and his generally disagreeable demeanor in his daily existence. The Democrat has been busier than usual on the campaign trail of late and made headlines a couple weeks ago by joining with fellow Democrat Oval Office holders Big Bubba Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to rake it a record haul of dough so that the party’s message will be well-funded for as long as the old dolt can concoct more lies.


And that’s a long time, folks.


At any rate, Democrats are hopeful it all translates to real momentum for senile Joe – and a “comeback” of his own. In an opinion piece titled “Is a Biden comeback quietly underway?”, Douglas Schoen and Carly Cooperman wrote recently at The Hill:


“Indeed, since Biden addressed the nation in early March, polling shows that Biden is gaining ground, as former President Donald Trump now leads Biden by only one percentage point according to the RealClearPolitics polling average — Trump’s smallest lead since January...


“This is not to say that Biden will cruise into November’s election, nor is it guaranteed that Biden’s comeback is anything more than transitory, as Biden’s overall approval rating at 39 percent, per FiveThirtyEight, is higher only than former President Harry Truman at this point in their presidencies, even trailing Jimmy Carter by 4 points. Further, on a slew of other issues, voters resoundingly prefer Donald Trump, including immigration (Trump +48), crime (Trump +28) and inflation (Trump +27) according to CNBC.


“Rather, it is to say that if sentiment towards the economy continues improving, Biden will have removed one of the biggest obstacles to his reelection — the perception that he is bad for the economy and bad for people’s personal financial situation. While it remains to be seen whether these trends will continue in Biden’s direction, if they do, Biden may well be able to sustain his growing momentum and present an even more formidable challenge in November.”


Yes, if this, if that, if senile Joe Biden finds the fountain of youth and if administration mouthpiece Karine Jean-Pierre suddenly stops lying and deflecting practically all questions regarding the president’s corrupted family or his own set of investigations, everyone will automatically return to the Democrat salad days of swallowing the big gob of Biden spin and believe anew that he’s a kindly old gentleman who just likes ice cream a lot and is really doing a swell job.


Economic numbers can be – and are – manipulated every which way by both parties, but closer to home, the average person sees that it takes more the sixty bucks to treat five adults and a one-year-old to a lunch at Chick-fil-A. Or twenty bucks for two value meals at McDonald’s. Small ones at that.


Prices at the pump are up again and the president shows few signs of having learned a lesson regarding energy exploration and the need to sustain the petroleum pumping as the engine that drives the world economy. Though senile Joe claims his gas guzzling classic Chevy Corvette is his favorite car, Biden and his minions can’t stop talking about the need for Americans to put aside their own preferences to accept electric vehicles.


The November election is still seven months away, and, as is often stated, voters haven’t even really started paying attention yet. It’s been all over the news for a while now that Donald Trump appears to be maintaining a slight lead over senile Joe Biden, which has brought about a natural lull in the presidential race and caused people to refocus on other things – or possibly reevaluate their feelings, for the millionth time, on where they stand in the 2024 race based on what they’re hearing – or not hearing – in the news.


Most observers have pointed out that 2024 is already quite apart from other “typical” presidential campaigns, primarily because it’s a contest between an incumbent and a near-incumbent, which, to my knowledge, hasn’t happened in a long, long time at the highest level – if ever. Because of this unique status quo, the primary races never really took off in either party. This nothingness presented voters with additional opportunities to revisit their views on both Trump and Biden.


Democrats and the establishment media seem to think that each new wrinkle in the Trump legal saga will make a difference in the polls, but nothing dramatically alters the balance. Each fresh tidbit of information that comes out is like a tiny ingredient added to a giant cauldron of brew and is quickly absorbed into the totality of the mixture. Nothing stands out. Nothing turns heads. Liberals looking for anything to stop Trump perk up and dream, but the average person just shakes their head – if they notice at all.


Last week conservative bomb thrower Kurt Schlichter synopsized the phenomenon of Trump being assaulted on all sides by the purveyors of leftist lawfare, a tactic that isn’t likely to succeed and probably will end up in their own sphere when conservatives retake control. It’s a can of worms that Democrats opened – and it can’t be shut.


But because nothing really novel seems to be happening, the lull could potentially benefit senile Joe Biden – and this could explain how he’s gained a point or two in the national polls. The Biden campaign has also begun blanketing the TV airwaves with bogus, truth-deflecting ads such as this one that argues Trump doesn’t even want Nikki Haley’s voters – so they should come over to senile Joe’s side instead!


One can’t help but sense Biden’s post-SOTU “bump” is nothing more than a high point in the ebb and flow of a normal campaign cycle, especially for an incumbent. As the Hill authors point out in their column, polls are just reflective of feelings at one moment in time, not necessarily harbingers of doom (for Trump) in the months to come. Every nominee hopes to be peaking at the right time – on Election Day – and history shows that candidates rarely maintain solid leads in perpetuity.


Recall that Trump himself trailed senile Joe Biden four years ago and that was before the real COVID lockdown reverberations hit the nation. In April of 2020, the economy was just being hit by the first waves of government “barricade yourself in your homes” propaganda/paranoia, rights trampling and dictatorial overreach powered by the inane prognostications of mass death by the federal health and blue state authorities. Remember how then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had his daily coronavirus updates? He was a national superstar. Liberals drooled and swooned over Cuomo’s political celebrity.


Trump also held regular briefings, the establishment media condemning his words and advice almost as soon as he articulated it. As would be expected, Democrats mercilessly exploited the opportunity to attribute to the president what was taking place, feeding off the fear of millions and the world looked the other way as China’s communist spinmeisters blamed the virus on a natural occurrence, bolstered by corrupted health “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci’s affirmation.


For what it’s worth, rumors circulated the possibility of using the emergency to substitute Andrew Cuomo for senile Joe Biden on the 2020 Democrat ticket. A little over a year later Cuomo was rocked by a sexual harassment scandal and he was no longer in office. What goes around comes around, sometimes very quickly.


So polls are polls. They are what they are. Here’s thinking there’s a good chance that the 2024 horserace numbers soon will be about what they were earlier this year when senile Joe was in the doldrums and couldn’t seem to right himself in the eyes of the public. Biden doesn’t have any staying power, mostly due to the fact he’s a phony/fraud.


For starters, no matter how he tries to hide or disguise it, senile Joe Biden still has his Kamala Harris problem, a flaw that will only become more apparent when Trump names his 2024 running mate in the near future. The Biden brains prefer downplaying Kamala – or ignoring her altogether – a festering political wound with summer’s heat and humidity well on its way.


Further, Biden can’t escape who he really is – or he can’t keep track of what the people running the show are doing. Senile Joe feigned shock and ignorance last week when he was informed that he’d declared March 31 (yes, Easter Sunday this year) as the “Transgender Day of Visibility”, meaning he was either lying or completely unaware.


Maybe both. Bad news in either scenario.


Trump will get his usual dose of establishment media negativity, but Biden himself can’t sidestep every embarrassing thing he or his underlings do in his name. Senile Joe is a disgrace. So are the Democrats.


Liberals pursue any sign that senile Joe Biden might be doing better than it appears as the general election campaign gets started and both parties assess their strengths and weaknesses. The fact that the president needs to make a “comeback” at all is testimony to his weakness and vulnerability this year. Biden’s campaign is illusory and he can’t cover his shortcomings forever.

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