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The Right Resistance: What is a MAGA Republican? He or she looks a lot like America

How dumb is senile president Joe Biden?

Considering the subject, the question isn’t being disrespectful, and Americans have been pondering the answer for a heck of a long time, long before the man ever became president when 80 million or so voters supposedly punched Biden’s name on their ballot nearly two years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since senile Joe stood in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall with the building eerily illuminated in blood red and with U.S. Marine guards clearly visible in the background and delivered what myself and many like-minded observers considered the most shocking anti-American-ideal oration of all-time by a president.

“I can’t believe he said that!” were the reactions of concerned conservatives who actually bothered to tune in to the dark and dreary Joe Biden propaganda picture show.

A wave of thoughts came to mind as I watched (through TV, of course) the broken-down old White House dweller grimace and scowl as he described those who voted for Donald Trump as enemies of the Republic, the type of mind-numbed conformist that in times past in countries far from here took away all semblance of individual rights – and even executed tens of millions for no reason.

I don’t recall owning a brown shirt my whole life, but senile Joe certainly implied that Americans like me have a closet full of ‘em, simply waiting for the necessary moment to pull one out and button it up. Prepare those torches, folks, because the “president” argued we’re prone to nighttime marches and lynching.

A friend commented to me afterwards that Biden’s words made him feel like buying more guns n’ ammo to prepare for the civil war to come. I’m not sure if he was joking but I’m guessing the sentiment wasn’t unique across the fruited plain. Rage isn’t a strong enough word to describe the type of anger decent citizens experienced as the chief executive driveled on in front of what patriotic Americans consider a hallowed building.

Them’s fightin’ words. The former president himself said Biden’s address was “awkward and angry” and accused senile Joe of not even realizing what MAGA means – Make America Great Again. What would’ve possessed the swamp dweller to do such a thing? Maybe he’s just dumb.

“On the marble white steps of the U.S. Capitol, nearly two years earlier at his inauguration, Biden had called on that same nation to ‘end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal.’ In Philadelphia Thursday in primetime, he again said he was a president for all America, ‘not a president of red America or blue America.’

“And yet, Biden says a purge, perhaps even a painful one, is necessary for the body politic because ‘too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal.’

“’Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,’ Biden proclaimed. And while the president attempted to clarify that not all of his political opponents were extremists, he insisted that extremism was at the heart of the modern GOP. ‘There’s no question the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Trump and MAGA Republicans,’ he continued. ‘And that’s a threat to this country.’”

Joe, don’t you mean it’s a threat to your political power and to the ruse that your putrid belief system represents the American people? And also constitutes a grave warning to the DC swamp establishment dominance that was solidified during your 50 years in Washington? Thanks to Donald Trump, the people are waking up to just how corrupted our government institutions really are.

Beyond the obvious, Biden’s over-the-top sideshow political gesture struck me as amazingly desperate and a telltale sign that Democrats believe they are destined for a whopper of a defeat in two months – two months from today, in fact. To haul senile Joe out of his comfy confines in the White House and put him (literally) on the street to tear into his political opposition reeks of fear and despair.

Dang, these people really hate Trump – and us – don’t they? This is far beyond the type of ill will that one might harbor for a NIMBY neighbor or a friend’s nosy family or a member of the faculty at your son or daughter’s “woke” college. Or if you’re an LA Dodgers fan, the kind of angst you maintain for the San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees (seriously, who doesn’t hate the Yankees?). Or if you’re a Washington Redskins (Commanders, huh?) fan, the way you’ve always loathed the Dallas Cowboys.

The problem is, we just don’t know how the story ends. Unlike with sports, a loss in one season doesn’t guarantee you’ll get another chance “next year” in politics. Senile Joe Biden wants us gone. Period.

One curious thing about senile Joe’s no-holds-barred adoption of “MAGA Republican” as an all-encompassing term for conservatives who once supported – and may still favor – Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again agenda: he doesn’t define the term. How can we have a trial in the court of public opinion if we don’t understand what a “MAGA Republican” really is?

Is a MAGA Republican, for instance, anyone who ever voted for Trump? If that’s the case then there are 62,984,828 MAGA Republicans from 2016 and 74,216,154 more MAGA Republicans from 2020, for a total of over 137 million MAGA Republicans. Granted, most of those who voted for Trump in 2016 did so again in 2020, so the figure is considerably smaller than 137 million. But didn’t the establishment media repeatedly claim there was a large pool of 2016 Trump backers who abandoned him in 2020 because of his Tweets, handling of COVID, etc.?

If you believed the Democrats at their 2020 virtual convention, there was an alienated 2016 Trump voter seated at every kitchen table and restaurant bar stool. I must confess, I never met a person who voted for Trump and then switched to Biden (I have encountered Hillary voters who went Trump in 2020), but let’s go on faith that there was some minimal attrition. So let’s just say there were 100 million Trump voters from both elections combined.

Or is a “MAGA Republican” anyone who generally supports Republican-owned issues such as a strong military, strict immigration enforcement, law and order, limited government, responsible firearms ownership for everyone, free speech, freedom of conscience and worship, freedom from unreasonable government searches and seizures, the sanctity of unborn life and anything else related to good ol’ fashioned American constitutional living as epitomized during the post-WW II years (and before the “cultural and sexual revolutions” of the sixties and seventies?)?

If so, then MAGA Republicans tally more than 137 million. Even some Democrats (though admittedly a sinking number) would fit into the category. Heck, even NeverTrumpers like Evan McMuffin, Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and Bill Kristol could qualify for membership in the “MAGA Republican” club if we’re just talking about issues that MAGAs are partial to. Senile Joe hates WAY more than half of the U.S. legalized voting population!

Or is a MAGA Republican someone who simply believes in American exceptionalism, the government-restraining brilliance of the Constitution, God-given natural rights, traditional values and reveres the nation’s history – warts and all? If this is the case, then senile Joe intentionally alienated nearly everyone in the country last Thursday night, or at least those who aren’t members of urine-bomb tossing Antifa, statue-toppling Black Lives Matter, “Ruth Sent us” abortion psychopaths or some other wacko leftist self-loathing conglomeration.

One thing authentic MAGA Republicans don’t do is tune in to a sad sack sorry senile bag o’ bones like Joe Biden and change their minds about what’s really happening in America today. It’s more than the Biden-ordered ongoing witch hunt of former president Trump and it’s even greater than the absurd pursuit of “insurrectionists” after January 6.

MAGA Republicans recognize disingenuity and hyperbole when we see and hear it. Biden’s speech clearly wasn’t meant to change minds on the conservative side of the spectrum or to create a citizens’ army of Adam Kinzingers to break down the doors to the Republican National Committee and demand that Liz Cheney or John Kasich or Cindy McCain or Larry Hogan be anointed the next GOP presidential candidate.

And there’s no mystery as to who Biden was talking about when he remarked that he could work with “mainstream” Republicans. The truth is, senile Joe wants all opposition to socialistic change to magically melt away – or slowly recede into the background. “Voting rights” to Democrats equates to nationwide mail-in balloting, allowing illegal aliens to participate, looking the other way at election abnormalities and accepting the dictates of anyone who works for the government.

MAGA Republicans are opposed to all of it. MAGA Republicans listen to all sides on COVID; they make up their own minds on whether to wear a mask; they question the “science” on “climate change”; they demand accountability and honesty from their political leaders and they won’t settle – ever again – for GOP candidates who prefer making deals to winning victories for the MAGA movement.

No wonder senile Joe Biden hates us so much. He knows he can’t beat us, even when he lies through his teeth in front of the whole nation.

Joe Biden wants Americans to believe that this year’s election is a fight for the soul of America – and he’s right. Senile Joe tried to define what the “soul” is last week in Philadelphia but only ended up ticking off and enraging tens of millions of people. We hope the “MAGA Republicans” wake up and see just how grave the Democrat threat really is. It’s sobering.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 27, 2022


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 17, 2022


It's unlikely that the boob who delivered the speech had anything to do with drafting it. What's really scary is that a staff of speech writers wrote it and it was completely vetted throughout the White House and probably the DOJ as well. It tells us exactly what the Communist Democrat Party believes. That they don't know what MAGA stands for is typical of lefties. By the way, Biden may have received 81million votes, but at least 30million weren't cast by real people.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 08, 2022

Democrats support illegal border crossings

Democrats support drug cartels

Democrats support human trafficking

Democrats support child sex trafficking

Democrats support death by fentynal

Democrats support free medical for illegals

Democrats are pro-illegals and Anti-America


Joe the D.C. vegetable should be addressing his twisted lies to a mirror,since all that he loathes, are Democrat/KKK/Communist Party policies. The Dems want to return to obedient slavery regardless of color!

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