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True the Vote’s Engelbrecht and Phillips Jailed For Fighting For Election Integrity

True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips are sitting jail today for defying two of the Uniparty’s most sacred commandments: “Thou shalt not expose Red China for the

existential enemy that it is,” and, “Thou shalt not expose the intentional security failures of America’s election process.”

Ms. Engelbrecht and Mr. Phillips didn’t set out to tear down those two Shibboleths of America’s political establishment, but by exposing the fact that Konnech, an election software company, had stored confidential American poll worker data on a server in Red China, they managed to break news that got the company’s CEO arrested and, most astonishingly, themselves thrown in jail.

The Texas Tribune reports the Konnech’s founder and CEO, Eugene Yu, is facing felony charges of grand theft by embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime. The Los Angeles district attorney’s office said Yu and Konnech violated the company’s contract with Los Angeles County by illegally giving contractors in Red China access to data that was supposed to be stored only in the United States. Yu has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, arguing that even if the charges are true, they aren’t criminal. Los Angeles prosecutors have acknowledged receiving an early tip from Phillips.

Konnech, the election management software company whose CEO got busted, filed a federal lawsuit in September alleging that True the Vote’s viral social media campaign targeting Mr. Yu, led to personal threats to him and his family and damaged his company’s business.

Now, here’s where things go off the rails.

As part of this suit Konnech’s attorneys pressed Phillips for additional information about what Phillips claimed was an hourslong Konnech research session in Dallas back in 2021. On the stand, Phillips revealed that another “analyst” was present in the room when True the Vote was allegedly offered evidence he’d uncovered about Konnech, showing the company had stored American poll worker data on a server in China.

Phillips, and later Ms. Engelbrecht, refused to divulge the name of their source claiming he was in danger from “drug cartels” and was a confidential law enforcement informant.

So, just so we get this clear, Konnech isn’t denying they stored the sensitive confidential poll worker data in Communist China, and gave Communist Chinese citizens access to it, they are arguing their actions were not criminal.

So, if the True the Vote information was true, and admitted by Konnech, where’s the defamation?

Well, you’d have to be a lawyer for Konnech or U.S. District Judge Kenneth Hoyt to answer that question.

Judge Hoyt has allowed the suit to proceed and ruled that Engelbrecht and Phillips must reveal their source, which they have refused to do, thereby earning them a contempt of court citation and ticket to the Graybar Hotel from Judge Hoyt.

True the Vote’s attorney Michael Wynne entered more than two dozen pages of evidence onto the record late Friday night, including dozens of text messages between Engelbrecht and individuals True the Vote has claimed are FBI agents. They also included two affidavits from Phillips and Engelbrecht and details of Yu’s arrest in Los Angeles.

Hoyt, a Ronald Reagan nominee, was unmoved by the submission, calling it irrelevant given its failure to identify the confidential source, reported the Texas Tribune.

In a recent “Secure Freedom Minute” our friend Frank Gaffney explained the practical effect of Judge Hoyt capriciously locking up True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips is to prevent them from warning of an ominous prospect: Communist China may be able to exploit access given to sensitive electoral data by the indicted CEO of Konnech Inc. to affect our midterms a week from today.

Suppressing such information could make a difference in turnout and outcomes, just as preventing voters from knowing the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop did in the 2020 presidential race. That would make Judge Hoyt’s arbitrary decision tantamount to election interference.

How this will pan-out and how long Engelbrecht and Phillips will remain in jail remains to be seen. In the meantime we are left wondering why an obscure federal judge in Houston is protecting what could be a major vehicle for Chinese Communists to penetrate the security of American elections.

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James Bryson
James Bryson
Nov 03, 2022

God bless and PROTECT these two super-patriots.

We the People are with you both.

Replying to

Too bad neither political party is with them.


The 'source' should be protected under Whistle-Blower laws & what part of CONFIDENTIAL Informant does this Crooked judge Not understand??


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Nov 03, 2022

Should the American people be concerned? We have a President who can't and won't answer questions, about his judgement or decisions. We have a President who has been corrupted by the Chinese and Russian's for his family taking large amounts of money for what? We have a President who is not taking advice from the professional military consultants, we have a President who has left our borders open for crime and virus, we have a President who every decision seems to go against the American way of life. We have a President who has caused loss of jobs, highest inflation in years, gas shortages, food shortages, supply shortages. We have a president who won't take a fit to serve, medical…


The big problem as I see it is that the GOP is doing so little to combat this. Are we truly supposed to trust them and believe they will wave a magic wand come January after the "red tidal wave" puts them in charge of both Houses of Congress . . . ?

Replying to

I am a "one-trick pony" because no one seems to be listening. So this pony ain't going anywhere. Are Republican candidates harping on elevated crime rates one-trick ponies also?


Crooked Black Robes robbing our freedom!

Replying to

Our whole political system is corrupt. Where is GOP opposition to these crooked judges?

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