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Will the Real Tulsi Gabbard Please Stand

The Republican party has a history of electing RINO' s, turncoats, and jellyfish with little to offer beyond fund-raising potential and deference to the establishment.

In the last 18 months, lockdowns have shattered our economy, manufactured COVID counts fueled fear, and mandates threatened our livelihoods and freedoms. The 2022 election may be the only chance we have to return our nation to sanity.

We can no longer afford shape-shifting politicians that win office on bold promises; then mince words to avoid accountability. Or flexible RINOs who claim incrementalism will resurrect the constitutional republic they dismantled.

Are we headed this way again? Lately, former Democrat representative, Tulsi Gabbard has enamored the GOP. As a speaker at 2022 CPAC the evolved Gabbard sounded more like Mike Lindell than her BFF Bernie Sanders.

Gabbard has been hailed as the new ‘post-left’ and a possible running mate for Donald Trump. Though it appears the most she has in common with Trump is that both were accused by Hillary Clinton of being Russian assets.

Here’s what we know about the Hawaiian Democrat.

Gabbard was raised in a diverse household and followed her father’s conservative path. She was in favor of traditional marriage in the early 2000’s. By 2012 she had evolved and offered a heartfelt apology to the LGBT community. Coincidentally, she happened to be running for a Democratic House seat that year.

In 2019, Gabbard offered a second sincere apology that resounds with solemnity. Coincidentally, that year she was running for president of the United States.

Gabbard’s voting history tells a story that belies her recent conservative evolution.

The Moving Forward Act: HR 2

Gabbard voted to add more subsidies for windmills and carbon reduction regardless of cost and effectiveness and

require 100% of the building funds for schools utilized for green building even though studies show they are costly and ineffective.

An avid supporter of Medicare for all: HR 1425

She voted to expand health insurance exchanges,

increase tax credits for the Affordable Care Act placing a greater burden on middle income Americans and offering little to the poor,

reimburse insurance companies for excessive claims under the Affordable Care Act, and

eliminate the short term, limited duration health plans that many healthier people used to avoid excessive fines and costs under the ACA.

She voted to increase community grants that are subject to HUD’s crippling AFFH rule: HR 7301

Gabbard favored adding $100 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants that operate under HUD’s AFFH rule handing the federal government indirect control of local zoning.

In favor of proxy voting: H Res 965

Voted for Congress to be able to vote by Proxy anytime the Speaker of the House claims a novel corona virus health-related emergency,

and to research ways House members can vote from home

Wants to further rein in the police via the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020: HR 7120

Gabbard voted to re-define police “use of force” as pointing of a firearm at an individual,

increase police oversight,

have the AG to provide grants to investigate law enforcement statutes, and

expand the definition of racial profiling.

Wanted to end deadlines for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment: H J Res 79

She voted to permanently remove any deadlines for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, even though in practice it would compromise women’s rights and disadvantage them economically

Condemned President Trump's “invasion of illegals” remarks: H Res 489

She voted to condemn President Trump for calling the caravans of illegals at our Mexican border an "invasion" even though videos proved he was correct.

Wants to further reduce off-shore leases: HR 1941

Voted to prohibit the Department of the Interior from offering oil and gas leases up to 200 miles offshore in the Atlantic or Pacific Outer Continental Shelf planning areas.

It’s difficult to believe Gabbard has spun 180° on so many core issues. Gabbard was against Trump’s decision to end DACA and in favor of the Iran Nuclear Deal that Trump called disastrous. This does not sound like the person on stage at CPAC 2022.

It’s no surprise Tulsi Gabbard’s performance has been rated:

27% by FreedomWorks

33% by Freedom First Society

9% by the American Conservative Union

90% by NARAL ProChoice America

50% by US Chamber of Commerce

0% by Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

9% by Family Research Council

21% by National Taxpayers Union

We cannot afford to entertain ‘evolving’ politicians and establishment cronies who pay lip service to our constitution, while the left concocts pandemics, wars, and fear to remake America’s landscape.

Tulsi Gabbard began as a conservative, but her move to the left was by choice. Her continually evolving standards are too reminiscent of the Dems’ preferred method of camouflaging unpopular positions for personal gain.

In this writer's opinion, Tulsi Gabbard is neither conservative, liberal, nor independent. She is an opportunist. When political opportunity knocks, she cares little about the name on the door. Tulsi can always be counted on to evolve.

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31 mars 2022

Tulsi Gabbard had a reputation for being anti-Establishment. Notably, she refused to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016. She quit her DNC post when she saw them rigging the game against Bernie Sanders. She did endorse Bernie...I don't remember if she ever came around on Hillary. I think she did not. I also believe she was one of the few Democrats not hostile to Donald Trump during his transition. She also broke with the Establishment by meeting with Assad in Syria, at a time when the outgoing Obama Administration still insisted that "Assad had to go." This article didn't mention that she is a veteran...her experience leads her to generally agree with us on America First foreign policy.

With that said,…

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