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Yes, Wildfires From Red Chinese Space Lasers Are Entirely Possible

Authorities claim that they still don’t know exactly how the devastating Maui wildfire started, and after dismissing obvious local incompetence and wokeness as contributing factors to the massive death toll, they have leaned heavily on the idea that it was caused by a downed power line.

Likewise, Canada’s massive wildfires have been blamed on natural lightning strikes and what is by far the most common cause of wildfires: human activity, and there are a lot of different ways for humans to cause a fire. Common causes include campfires, burning of debris near the wilderness, vehicle use and malfunctions, discarded cigarettes, and intentional arson.

And of course, “manmade climate change” gets a big boost as a contributing factor.

What gets dismissed out of hand as a conspiracy theory is human intervention in the form of a terrorist attack or act of state terrorism, even though there is plenty of evidence that such an attack, including from space-based platforms, is entirely possible.

As Colonel John Mills, USA (RET)* explained in a recent post to his must-read Substack, wood can char and combust starting around 500°F. Advanced lasers with only 2 kw of power (the amount of power to run your dishwasher) can incinerate plastic and metal drones within seconds.

The Red Chinese are running so many Advanced Force Operations (AFO) it’s hard to keep up with them - but bottom line a Chinese satellite lasing and causing the fires is well within the world of the technically possible.

What’s more, Communist China curiously announced a laser breakthrough just days before the Maui fire, and it turns out they have a satellite that looks like the perfect vehicle for such an attack – the Daqi-1 Satellite.

According to Col. Mills, the Daqi-1 Satellite is publicly described as an “atmospheric environment monitoring satellite”. In the world of Cloak and Dagger, you always have a cover story, actually several layers of cover stories. An atmospheric environment monitoring satellite? That description is so bland it can mean just about anything, observed the Colonel.

NASA doesn’t list the launch mass of the Daqi-1, but the Red Chinese Long March 4C rocket can reasonably lift 6,000 pounds into orbit. That’s a lot - and plenty of weight for plenty of goodies on board (announced or unannounced). The Daqi-1 is not a 3D printed, tiny, Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) science project for a High School STEM team, the Daqi-1 allows ample size, weight, and power opportunities for misadventure – and the Daqi-1 does have a laser on board.

Col. Mills reports the Daqi-1 has a LIDAR (Laser Detection and Ranging) laser on board that could be tweaked up to cause the fires that are happening in Maui, British Columbia, Eastern Canada, and Washington State. Or perhaps there’s a separate unannounced laser on board.

Communist Chinese launches are conducted in secret. We didn’t have the opportunity to independently verify the payload before launch, so we have only the word of Red China on what’s on board the Daqi-1, and we know how good their word was about the origins and spread of COVID-19.

Before you chuck this column in the conspiracy theory circular file, we submit another datapoint: A paper published in 1987, “Laser Ignition Device and Its Application to Forestry, Fire and Land Management.”

According to the abstract of the paper, “A laser ignition device for controlled burning of forest logging slash has been developed and successfully tested. The device, which uses a kilowatt class carbon dioxide laser, operates at distances of 50 to 1500 meters. Acquisition and focus control are achieved by the use of a laser rangefinder and acquisition telescope. Additional uses for the device include back burning, selected undergrowth removal, safe ignition of oil spills, and deicing. A truck mounted version will be operational by fall 1987 and an airborne version by summer 1988.”

Proof of concept on forestry laser ignition devices was published 36-years ago, and laser technology has advanced substantially since 1987. And as Col. Mills pointed out, a 2-kilowatt laser is all it would take to char wood and get a fire started and that is well within the world of the technically possible.

The Deep State weaponized any possible thought that the Wuhan Lab was the source of COVID, so why should we trust them when they ignore the Communist Chinese satellite that can fit the capabilities for lasering wildfire ignition?

Did the Red Chinese use a space-based laser to start all these strangely simultaneous wildfires? It is technically possible; however, with a compromised-by-Red China Joe Biden in the White House that line of inquiry will never even be pursued, let alone confirmed or denied.

* Retired Colonel John Mills is the author of “The Nation Will Follow” and "War Against the Deep State" He has service in five eras: Cold War, Peace Dividend, War on Terror, World in Chaos, and now, the Great Showdown with China. Among his many posts during his 33-year Army career, Col. Mills served on the NSC staff and as Director, Cybersecurity Policy, Strategy, and International Affairs, in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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L Garou
L Garou

But not from DeepState dirty rat space lasers. Honest!


As long as the government continues to cover up the real cause of the Maui fire, any number of theories will continue to surface. Silence breeds speculation.


Mike M
Mike M

While this is an entirely possible scenario I doubt seriously if it happened this way. Think about it for a moment. Millions upon millions of illegal aliens are pouring across our border with Mexico every month. Only God Almighty Himself knows how many millions are in this country illegally as it is. And for a country with the capabilities of Communist China it ought to be child's play to sneak someone into Hawaii and start all the forest fires they care to. No need for space-based lasers in a case like this.

L Garou
L Garou

Overloaded smart meters can start a house(houses) on fire.

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